Natural jewels of South Germany

Portion of the Bavarian Alps spittingvenom/Flickr

Portion of the Bavarian Alps ©spittingvenom/Flickr

The southern region of Germany consists of two majestic states: Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Both of these regions are very famous among visitors, especially Bavaria. There are many large cities in Southern Germany which are worth visiting, including Munich, Augsburg, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg and so on. I could present you them, too, but below I will give you some visitor information relating to the natural jewels of South Germany. The most important natural attractions of this region are the following: the Bavarian Alps, Lake Constance, the Black Forest and Franconian Lake District. Want to find out more about them? Read on!

The Bavarian Alps

One of the most famous and most beautiful natural regions of Germany is the area known as the Bavarian Alps. It is also considered to be one of Central Europe’s most scenic places. With majestic alpine peaks, the Bavarian Alps are very famous for tourists. Also known as a traditional rural area, many tourists willing to admire German traditional villages come to visit this area.

The Bavarian Alps are also famous for their flora and fauna, not to mention the amazing and unique sceneries, presenting forests and glacial lakes. Besides the natural wonders, the area is also famous for numerous tourist attractions like the world renowned Neuschwanstein Castle or the Herrenchiemsee Palace.

Portion of the Bavarian Alps spittingvenom/Flickr

Portion of the Bavarian Alps ©spittingvenom/Flickr

Lake Constance

The most famous and most beautiful lake of Germany is Lake Constance. Also named Bodensee, the majestic lake is the third biggest of its kind in Central Europe, lying on the territory of three countries. There are many cities along the shore of the lake and there are also numerous beautiful islands on Bodensee.

Lindau, Uberlingen, Meersburg, Friedrichschafen and Konstanz are situated on the German side. In case you are looking for an excellent destination to make yourself a memorable vacation, I recommend you to visit the majestic Lake Constance.

Mainau Island on Lake Constance gravitat-OFF/Flickr

Mainau Island on Lake Constance ©gravitat-OFF/Flickr

The Black Forest

Being also a world famous natural attraction, the wonderful Black Forest is a majestic wooded mountain range situated in the south-western part of the country. The area attracts numerous visitors each year, being very popular among tourists. The Danube River originates in the Black Forest. There are numerous things to see in this mountainous area, including Ortenberg Castle, Titisee, Mummelsee and so on.

Stream in the Black Forest during spring timeyres/Flickr

Stream in the Black Forest during spring ©timeyres/Flickr

Franconian Lake District

The beautiful Franconian Lake District is another natural jewel of South Germany. The lake district is actually formed by the following lakes: Altmühlsee, Rothsee, Brombachsee, Dennenloher See and Hahnenkammsee. If you love lakes and beautiful natural sceneries, I recommend you to make a visit.

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