One day in Weimar


Weimar is a beautiful German town to fall in love with. In Weimar you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attend the many cultural events that take place in the city all year long. It is a place of culture and history. Discovering the museums, palaces and parks means discovering Germany’s recent history and culture. However, Weimar is not all about history and heritage but is also the place where you can enjoy the cosmopolitan life.

About Weimar



Weimar is a small town in the heart of Germany with lots of tourists. Most of them come here for day-visits. One day in Weimar is enough to visit the points of interest of the small cosy city. Some say that this is the most historic city in Germany. It is also a cultural city because is home to Goethe and Schiller. Since this is not a very large city, the best way to visit Weimar is by foot or bike. The city has a very good public transport system, but tourists do not need to use it. The best transport during the night is by taxi. Taxis are used to cater lost tourists from one location to another.

Strolling around


If you wish to spend one day in Weimar, you should be know that the distances in Weimar are quite short and this way you can easily get from one point of interest to another. The best option is to get a guided tour through the city, as many buildings have a long history behind them. Visiting the city without guidance is not a problem either. Start by visiting the city centre. The Bauhaus-University in Weimar is one of the UNESCO sites. The city castle (Stadtschloss) is today a famous Art gallery and is home to the works of Goethe and Schiller. You can also visit the unique library Anna Amalia Bibliothek built in rococo style. The national theatre in Weimar should not be missed. This is where the German democracy was signed in 1918. Near the theatre, in the Theatreplatz, you can visit the Goethe and Schiller-Memorial, a famous memorial of the two important German writers.

Like many of the German towns, Weimar is a very green city. After visiting the most important buildings in the city, you can walk through Park an der Ilm and admire Goethe’s summer house. Belvedere is another beautiful park located in the south of the city where you can relax and enjoy the views.

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