One Week Tour in Germany

You are planning to visit Germany, but you have only a few days to discover it?  There is only one solution to your problem: planning! One week Tour in Germany will offer you all the useful tips and advices that will make your short journey a perfect one. In only one week you can basically visit all the top sights of the country without making great efforts and you will still be able to relax and enjoy your trip. The attractions below are some of the most well known landmarks of Germany, but of course, not the only ones. You can include a lot more cities, towns and castles into your trip, we are simply trying to help you plan a one week trip without forgetting about the things you definitely have to see if you are in the country.

Day 1 & 2: Reaching the German Capital, Berlin

In Berlin you cannot possibly go wrong. The touristic attractions are spread around the whole city, almost its every corner remembering of the glorious past and especially of the unification that took place on the 3rd of October, 1990 once with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Make sure not to miss the Berliner Dom, the Friedrichstadt Palast, Sans Souci Palaca, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, Fernsehturm (TV Tower), Holocaust Memorial, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The best way to visit all these attractions would be either to rent a bike – which you can do in plenty of places all around the city, or to go with a tourist bus, which is also quite a good way, but if you go by bike, you can enjoy the beautiful views much more.

Day 3: The Baroque City, Potsdam

Only a few kilometers away from Berlin, the Potsdam city is a landscape you should not miss. To reach this amazing town with unique baroque influences, you can take the S-Bahn (a suburban railway system metro) from Berlin to Potsdam. The Russian Colony Alexandrovka is one of the biggest attractions of this wonderful place also considered as a part of the World Heritage of Germany.

In case you want to feel the local spirit, visit a Kneipe, a different type of a pub, and order a local beer and some traditional food. You will be very impressed with Lutter und Wegner 1811 chain restaurants.

Day 4: Nürnberg

From Berlin till Nürnberg is a 6 hours journey by train. This city overflowing with history and traditions can offer a wide variety of places and topics to consider during your one day visit. Therefore you should definitely book a hotel and spend the night there.

The most wanted places visit in Nürnberg are the Germanische Nationalmuseum, Albrecht Dürer’s House, the St. Lorenz Kirche, and the New Museum for Art and Design.

Day 5 & 6: Munich

Nürnberg –Munich trip is about 2 hours by train.

Munich is the Bavaria capital and it has many attractions and interesting places to visit. During your stay make sure to check on your list the Marienplatz, the Peterskirche (the oldest church of the inner city), the most popular market in Munich: Viktualienmarkt, the Frauenkirche, the Residenz palace complex, the German museums, the Cuvillies Theater (the most wonderful rococo theater in the whole world), and of course the Hofbräuhaus, a beer hall which have survived since 1644.

Day 7: Ludwig’s Castle

From Munich you can rent a car and head towards the Neuschwanstein Castle, a Gothic Revival palace from the 19th-century of King Ludwig. I can bet you will love this place.

Feeling a bit tired? This means your One Week Tour in Germany has come to an end, but what satisfaction you must have to have seen so many wonderful places.

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