Picnicking and carousing in Tiergarten

With its 2.5 km2 surface and 23 km of pathways, Tiergarten is the largest park in Berlin. The place is located near Hansplatz and is very popular among those who are looking for a place to walk, relax or have a picnic. Picnicking and carousing in Tiergarden is a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon in Berlin.

Some facts about the park

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The park was closed to public for many years. It was initially the preferred hunting ground for the electors of the German state of Brandenburg. The park became public after Friedrich I provided public access to it by building roads and pathways. The Prussian king hired an architect to redesign the garden in a Baroque style. The English influence on the park’s landscape design became fashionable in the early 19th century. Unfortunately, much of the park was destroyed during the World War II. It was rebuilt after 1955 and became a popular place for walkers, joggers and those seeking some rest in the sun.

To do

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The Berliners make good use of Tiergarten for outdoor activities so why shouldn’t visitors? Many visitors come for picnicking or carousing in Tiergarten. The inner-city park is also a great place to practice sports and play football games. Grilling and eating here on Sundays is very popular. A large playground is located on the south-eastern corner of the park. The ideal season to stroll through the park is in spring or summer. The autumn gives the park a melancholic appearance. In winter, visitors have the opportunity to skate on the small frozen lakes in the park, if the weather conditions allow.

To see

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The Berlin Zoo is still part of the famous park. Completely restored, the zoo can be found in the southwest corner of the park and over 13,000 animals can be seen here in open habitats. The guests can also visit the red granite Victory Column with the statue of a golden-hued goddess on top of it. Climb on top of Siegessäule in order to have an excellent view of the park area. Not far from the Victory Column, the white Bellevue Palace from the 18th century is an interesting stop. Built by the Prussian prince Ferdinand, the building is today the residence of the German presidency. The House of World Cultures is another interesting building. Recently built, the house has a round roof and houses international exhibitions of world cultures.

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