Popular traditional Christmas dishes in Germany


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Christmas is a very important feast. People prepare every year for this magical feast cooking and baking delicious foods. As in numerous Christian countries all around the world, Christmas in Germany also plays an important role. German women prepare fantastic dishes for this magical feast. There are some delicious traditional dishes which are absolutely worth tasting. So, if you spend your Christmas in Germany this year, do not miss to try them all! If you don’t know much about these dishes, all you have to do is to read the following article. I will present you the most popular traditional Christmas dishes in Germany.

Roasted goose

Just like in numerous other countries in the world, roasted goose, -duck, -beef or –turkey is very popular for Christmas dinner. Roasted goose is traditionally eaten on such appointed holidays like Christmas. It is also a beloved meal at St. Martin’s Day. In Europe the roasted goose is popular especially among German and English speaking countries. The usual stuffing for this meal includes onion, apple, prunes and so on. As for the garnish, gravy and red cabbage are the most common.


Weisswurst actually means “white sausage” in English. It is a traditional Bavarian dish which is made of pork bacon and minced veal traditionally flavored with onion, parsley, cardamom, mace, lemon and ginger. The mixture of these ingredients is stuffed into pork casings. The weisswurst is usually served with Bavarian pretzel and sweet mustard (also Bavarian).

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Stollen is actually a delicious traditional German fruit cake which contains dried fruits. It is covered with powdered sugar. Christstollen is the fruit cake served at Christmas. The common ingredients of this delicious dessert are the following: flour, eggs, sugar, salt, milk, baking yeast, dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts and different kind of spices. Stollen is so popular in Germany that there is even a festival dedicated to this delicious dessert, the Dresden Stollen Festival.

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A very interesting dessert in Germany which is usually served at Christmas is the Springerle. It is actually a type of biscuit which is prestigious for its embossed design. The interesting design is the result of pressing a mold onto dough. The obtained design is left to be dried before baking, preserving the details on the surface.


Printen has its origins in the German city of Aachen. It actually resembles gingerbread. The ingredients of Printen include: sugar beets, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, aniseed, ginger, coriander and allspice. This dessert is very popular during Christmas season.

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