Ship around the city of Lubeck


Schleswig-Holstein is a state located in the north side of Germanyand Lübeck is the second largest city in this state bordering the Baltic Sea(Ostsee).The city was an independent state and was the capital of theHanseatic League in the past. After the World War II, the city became part ofGermany. The old city ofLübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do




If you ever visit Lübeck, here a short list of things you must do. You can walk, take the bus or ship around the city of Lübeck. First, you can walk around the old city and enjoy the medieval atmosphere of the former capital of the Hanseatic League. You can optionally get a guided tour through the old city. In case you are looking for sight-seeing tours, the best option is to go around the city by foot, because Lübeck is a place of short distances. Alternatively, there is a local bus service hub, which goes everywhere in Lübeck from the central rail station. If you are looking for some cultural experience also, visit St Annen-Museum or the Buddenbrookhaus. St Annen-Museum is a former monastery of the Augustinians turned into a museum of art and culture today. Built in 1758, Buddenbrookhaus is the house where Thomas Mann grew up together with his rich family of merchants. The house and his family were the base of his novel, “Buddenbrooks”, for which he received a Nobel Prize. The house is another museum in Lübeck today. You can also go to the Cafe Niederegger and taste the delicious and famous marzipan cakes,

Ship around the city



You can take a bus or a boat ride to Travemünde, a seaside resort where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. If you wish to ship around the city of Lübeck, you should know that other tourist boats go off from the Holstentor side of the island every hour. You can take a seat on one of these boats and ship around the city in order to experience some scenic views. During these trips, you will stop by the beautiful and famous salt warehouse of the Hanseatic League, the Salzspeicher. The warehouse was the house of Count Nosferatu in both horror movies (the Murnau and the Warner Herzog remake). Some parts of the trip on the river Wakenitz (which links the River Trave to the Ratzeburg Lake) show an astonishing flora.


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