Shopping experiences in Germany

Berlin Christmas Market, candy stall tsteenbergen/Flickr

Berlin Christmas Market, candy stall ©tsteenbergen/Flickr

Are you planning a visit to Germany? It will surely be a fantastic experience in your life. Besides visiting the attractions of a respective country or tasting the local delicacies, shopping is also an important part of the holiday. Shopping in Germany is a great experience. Do you want to get some advice on where to spend your money wisely in Germany?

I recommend you to read the following guide in order to find out some useful info relating to the best shopping spots, shopping streets, souvenir- and gift ideas and markets in Germany. Anything you would like to buy from souvenirs to clothing, you’ll find great things here. These shopping experiences in Germany will give you great memories.

Popular shopping streets

Dotted with boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlor, theatres, churches and old town squares, the famous shopping streets of the country are a great taste of German life. Some of the most famous shopping streets of the country are the following: the famous Zeil in Frankfurt, the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Kaufinger and Sendlingerstrasse in Munich, the Ku’damm in Berlin, the “Mö” in Hamburg and so on.

Zeil, Frankfurt hanspoldoja/Flickr

Zeil, Frankfurt ©hanspoldoja/Flickr

Discount Outlet Stores

If you are looking for discounts, Germany won’t disappoint you. There are some great discount outlet stores in the country, including the following: the Designer Outlet Center Zweibruecken, Berlin Designer Outlet B5, Hugo Boss Outlet Store in Metzingen, Wertheim Village Outlet Store, Steiff Factory Store and so on.

German markets

There are several great markets all over the country, including food markets, flower markets and even flea markets. Berlin is a great place for hunting for some vintage treasures at a “Flohmarkt” on a Sunday morning.

There are several flea markets in the city, including the Flea Market Mauerpark, the Treptow Indoor Flea Market, the Flea Market Arkona Platz and so on. Don’t forget about the fantastic German Christmas markets. They make an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

German Christmas market stall Rictor Norton & David Allen/Flickr

German Christmas market stall ©Rictor Norton & David Allen/Flickr

German souvenirs

If you would like to buy some excellent souvenirs and gifts for your beloved ones, Germany has a large variety of unique items on offer.

Some of the best souvenirs and gifts you can buy in Germany are the following: Brothers Grimm fairy tale books, Steiff toys, Hummel figurines, Birkenstock shoes, cuckoo clocks, Ravensburger puzzles, Käthe Kruse dolls, German hats and so on. As you can see, there are numerous items to choose of. It won’t be hard to find unique gifts for your beloved ones.

Hummel figurines, photo by Jason Pratt/Flickr

Hummel figurines ©Jason Pratt/Flickr




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