Shopping in Munich

Munich is a very impressive city with many opportunities for all ages and preferences. Shopping in Munich is one of these activities, attracting locals as well as tourists. You might find yourself in Munich surrounded by many shopping centers and traditional stores and it is hard to resist the temptation of shopping in Munich, since this city is such a shopping paradise.

A suggestion would be to get a city map and to combine the sightseeing with the shopping. Many points of interest and shopping centers are located in the Old Town and the distance between them is easily walkable. You should know that the VAT in Germany may vary from 7% to 19%, depending on what you buy. The stores are closed on Sunday (except for the gas stations) and they are open until 8 pm during week days.

The Markets

The markets in Munich offer fresh fruits and vegetables, sea food, many kinds of cheese, herbs, honey products, sushi and other fresh products. Freshly squeezed juices, rare spices, hand-made puppets and toys are also available for sale in the Bavarian markets The most famous market is Elisabetmarkt, named after a Bavarian princess who later became empress of Austria. This can be found in Elisabethplatz and is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Christmas shopping

In the winter season, during the month before Christmas, you will find in the centre of Munich the traditional Christmas markets and you will have the chance to purchase all kind of goods in the snow. Visitors can admire the trimmed tree in Marienplatz, buy Christmas tree decorations or enjoy a cup of warm wine while listening to the live traditional music that can be heard from the city hall balcony. There is a Christmas decorated tram that runs from November 27 until December 23. This links the city centre points of interest and during the short trip, passengers are served traditional spiced wine and ginger bread.

The shopping centers

Some prefer the big shopping centres in Munich or the malls because they offer unlimited parking places and many restaurants where they can spend some time at any weather. Olympia Einkaufszentrum, with 135 shops and three department stores is by far the largest shopping centre in Bavaria. It is followed by Riem Arcaden, another popular shopping center in the east of Munich, and by Einkaufs-Centrum Neuperlach (PEP) with more than 120 shops and which hosts many public events for entertaining the visitors.

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