Short guide to Cologne

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and most attractive German cities is the beautiful city of Cologne (Köln). It is the fourth largest city of the country and a major tourist destination. Cologne is also a main cultural center of Germany, being home to over thirty museums and dozens of art galleries.

The city is abundant in landmarks and visitor attractions, including churches, architectural jewels, bridges and so on. Perhaps the most prominent and best-known landmark of the city is the fascinating Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). In case you find this introduction convincing and you would like to visit this astonishing city, I suggest you to read this article below. It is a good short guide to Cologne.


Cologne is abundant in fascinating visitor attractions and unique landmarks. The best-known landmarks of the city are Twelve Romanesque churches and the world famous Cologne Cathedral. The immense Gothic cathedral is the most respected landmark by citizens. It drags innumerable visitors every year. It is also the most photographed and most recognizable sight of Cologne. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited landmark of Germany.

The Twelve Romanesque churches of Cologne are other gorgeous landmarks of the city. These twelve churches are extraordinary examples of medieval architecture and can be found in the Old Town.

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr

Architectural jewels

Besides the previously mentioned churches, Cologne is also famous for its excellent architectural jewels, including medieval buildings, bridges, medieval city gates and high-rise buildings. Cologne City Hall, the Overstolzenhaus and Gürzenich are the most prominent medieval houses in Cologne. The city used to have 12 city gates of which today only three still stand.

The city is also famous for its several bridges over the Rhine River of which the best-known are the Hohenzollern Bridge, the Rodenkirchen Bridge and Müllheim Bridge. Besides, the high-rise buildings of Cologne are also famous. KölnTurm, KölnTriangle and Colonia-Hochhaus are just three of these.  

Hohenzollern Bridge love locks BriYYZ/Flickr

Hohenzollern Bridge love locks ©BriYYZ/Flickr


As I already mentioned it, there are more than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries in the city. Farina Fragrance Museum (considered to be the birthplace of the world famous Eau de Cologne), the Roman-Germanic Museum, Museum Ludwig, Museum für Angewandte Kunst and Museum Schnütgen are just some of the most popular museums. If you are an art-lover, you will surely love this city.

The Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne Eoghan OLionnain/Flickr

The Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne ©Eoghan OLionnain/Flickr

Hotels and restaurants

As Cologne is an important tourist destination, it is obvious that the city is abundant in excellent hotels and restaurants. From budget to mid-range and luxurious hotels, you will find everything here. Some of the best ones are Dom Hotel, Hyatt Regency Cologne, Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne, Pullmann Cologne and so on.

There are also some excellent restaurants in the city, including even Michelin-star eateries. Mondial Am Dom Cologne and Peters Bauhaus are just two of them.

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