Short guide to Hamburg

Hamburg Rathaus Tilo 2007/Flickr

Hamburg Rathaus ©Tilo 2007/Flickr

As the second largest city of Germany, Hamburg is a popular tourist destination, dragging numerous visitors each year. The beautiful city of Hamburg lies in the northern part of the country, being an important port on the River Elbe. It is actually the second largest port city in Europe. Hamburg is famous for its magnificent architectural jewels and landmarks.

Some of these landmarks are the following: Hamburg Rathaus, the Port of Hamburg, the Warehouse District, St. Pauli District, St. Michaelis Church, the Kunsthalle Hamburg and so on. If you’ve never been to Hamburg before and you would like to find out more info relating to these sights, read the following guide. It will serve as a short guide to Hamburg.

Hamburg Rathaus

The majestic City Hall of Hamburg is one of the best-known landmarks of the city. Hamburg Rathaus can be found in the Altstadt, near the central station. It is a remarkable architectural jewel, wearing the characteristics of Neo-Renaissance and Historicism. Inaugurated in 1897, the building is an immense landmark of Hamburg.

Hamburg Rathaus Tilo 2007/Flickr

Hamburg Rathaus ©Tilo 2007/Flickr

The Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is a significant portion of the city. The port is the largest of its kind in Germany, considered to be the country’s “Gateway to the World”. It is also a significant attraction of Hamburg. There are guided boat tours presenting the major part of the harbor. These are called “he lüchts”.

Hamburg port chatchavan/Flickr

Hamburg port ©chatchavan/Flickr

The Warehouse District

One of the best-known districts of the city is the Warehouse District (Speicherstadt). It is considered to be the world’s largest timber-pile founded warehouse. The district is located in the port of the city, presenting some majestic architectural jewels. It is surely a must-visit of Hamburg.

St. Pauli District

Another famous district of the city is the St. Pauli District. It is home to the largest red light district of Europe named Reeperbahn. The famous Reeperbahn is best-known for its vibrant nightlife. The area is packed by nightclubs, brothels, strip clubs and so on. If you are interested in great nightlife spots, don’t miss this area!

Reeperbahn Anfeuhrer/Flickr

Reeperbahn ©Anfeuhrer/Flickr

St. Michaelis Church

One of the most important religious landmarks of the city is the beautiful St. Michaelis Church. It is a gorgeous Lutheran church, with a fantastic 132-m Baroque spire, dominating the skyline of the city. Completed in 1669, the church is very attractive for visitors.

Kunsthalle Hamburg

As one of the most important museums of the city, the Kunsthalle Hamburg is a main visitor attraction. The fantastic art museum is home to a large collection of paintings dating from the 14th century. It is a must for the lovers of art.


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