Spending one day in Dresden

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Dresden is the capital of Saxony and is situated on the River Elbe, near the border with the Czech Republic. The city has Slavic origins and its original name, Drež?any, can be translated by “people of the riverside forest”. Dresden is an industrial, governmental and cultural city, famous mostly because of Bruehl’s Terrace and its historic landmarks in the Old Town. It is an awesome place that you should visit in case you are in the region. You will definitely consider that spending one day in Dresden is not enough. Still, go through the following main points of interests as a suggestion for spending one day in Dresden.

Around the city centre

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You should start your one-day journey with Augustus Strasse. If you need guidance, you can take from here a one-hour walking tour. The city center and the historical part called Altstadt (Old Town) is easily accessible by foot. The so-called city center is actually not the geographical center of the city but the old city center. The actual central quarter is Dresden-Neustadt. Make some time to visit Zwinger Palace, a baroque palace featuring a nympheum, Permoser’s sculptures, a pavilion and famous art collections. Go up to the second level, from where you can admire the gardens and the Nymphenbad fountain. Rafael’s Madona Sixtina can be found in “Alte Meister”. From Zwinger, you can walk to the Semper Opera, the catholic church Hofkirche, the Royal Palace and Bruhl’s Terrace.

A night out in the Semper Opera is an amazing experience, but you need to book a ticket in advance. The building is one of the oldest and most beautiful opera houses in the world. The Royal Palace served for many years as the governmental seat for the Saxon royal families. Today the palace is home to several museums, including the large treasure chamber of Green Vault.

Other things to do in Dresden

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Brühl’s Terrace, nicknamed “the Balcony of Europe”, is located in the north of the recently rebuilt Neumarkt Square. This is one of the favorite places of locals and visitors for walking, resting or just having a coffee.

You should also not miss the Frauenkirche (the Church of Our Lady). This church was reconstructed after being completely destroyed by allied bombing during the Second World War. Some ruins of the original church can still be found in the basement. You should not miss the church tower either. If you get hungry or thirsty you can stop in one of the pubs near Frauenkirche. The zone around the Frauenkirche and the Dresden Castle is very frequented by tourists and some very fine restaurants can be found here.

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