Sport activities in Frankfurt


Are you passionate about sports? Frankfurt is a German city that offers lots of sport activities to its locals and visitors. Here you will find some suggestions and recommended sport activities in Frankfurt.

Cycling in Frankfurt and around


Cycling might be the best choice when it comes to sport activities in Frankfurt. That is because the city has a network of very modern cycle routes throughout the city. 15% of the Frankfurt’s citizens use a bike and their number is expected to grow in the next years. Most of the long distance bike routes have cycle tracks separated from the automobile traffic. In this way, cycling becomes safe and easy. A high number of roads in the city centre are for bicycles only and some motorised vehicles are allowed only if the cyclists’ traffic is not disrupted. As opposed to the motorised vehicles, cyclists are allowed to ride one-way streets in both ways.

Deutsche Bahn is the German railway company. The interesting fact about this company is that it does not only operate in the railway network, but it also rents out bicycles. These bicycles can be found stationed all over the city, in the train stations and main plazas. It is extremely easy to spot these out because of their red-silver colour. The rental cost goes from 0.06 € per minute to 15 € per day. If you need to rent a bike, you will use the service „Call a bike”. By calling a service number, you will get a code that will unlock the bike. At the end of the rental, you will dial the same number and enter the same code in order to lock it back in one of the locations.

Other activities


If you are not into cycling, you can simply walk along the river Main. This is a nice thing to do in the summer. Many people chose to walk, play Frisbee or football, or just relax in the sun here. If tired, you can have a drink in one of the cafes and restaurants nearby. You can also go swimming at one of the city’s public indoor pools. The city has a great sport facility complex, called Sportpark Kelkheim, where you can practice sports like squash, golf or indoor climbing. If you have more courage, you can climb the highest mountain of the Taunus, the Feldberg Mountain outside the city of Frankfurt.

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