Dresden's famous festivals

Dresden’s famous festivals

Dresden is an old German city documented since 1206 and was the home of many famous German kings. Many buildings in Dresden date from medieval times and they were home to the royal families. Dresden’s beautiful architecture and Dresden’s famous festivals bring over ten million tourists every year. Most of the tourists come from Germany, but the city also has a lot of international tourists, coming especially from US or China. Dresden is a stop between Prague and Berlin. The main attraction... [ read more ]

Germany's Musical Highlights

Germany’s Musical Highlights

From classical to electronic, from jazz to techno, from rock to pop, Germany's musical and cultural highlights offer something for everyone. Important festivals around Germany attract international house-hold names and German conservatories attract students from around the world to learn about classical as well as modern music, more than a third of all students having an Eastern Europe or Asian background. Nowadays Ludwig von Beethoven’s works are considered classical music, but in his days, h... [ read more ]