The best architectural jewels of Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate, photo by Sebastian Bergmann/Flickr

The capital city and also largest city of Germany, Berlin is one of the most visited cities of the country and the whole continent. The immense city attracts dozens of visitors each year with its magnificent attractions. There are so many attractions in this beautiful city that visitors of Berlin need a couple of days to visit all of them. Among the cultural attractions of Berlin are some outstanding architectural jewels. These buildings include: the Brandenburg Gate, Schloss Charlottenburg, Deutscher Dom, the Reichstag building, the Berlin Cathedral and so on. If you would like to find out more about these buildings, read the following article.

The Brandenburg Gate

Being one of the best-known landmarks of the capital city, the beautiful Brandenburg Gate used to be the city gate. The gate needed rebuilding in the late 18th century. It can be found in the western part of the city centre and it is one of Berlin’s most popular tourist attractions. The neoclassical triumphal arch can be found at the entrance to the famous boulevard named Unter den Linden. The Brandenburg Gate was recently restored, between 2000 and 2002.

The Brandenburg Gate, photo by Sebastian Bergmann/Flickr

Schloss Charlottenburg

The largest palace of the capital city, Schloss Charlottenburg is an outstanding architectural jewel of Berlin. It was constructed at the end of the 17th century and expanded during the next century. The palace served as a royal residence and dates back in the Hohenzollern family’s time. The interior of the palace is more richly decorated than its exterior, characterized by both baroque and rococo styles. Charlottenburg’s baroque gardens are as magnificent as the palace itself. Today, the palace with its garden is a popular tourist attraction of Berlin.

Schloss Charlottenburg, photo by Zemzina/Flickr

Deutscher Dom

Deutcher Dom is the name of a spectacular church in Berlin. The beautiful church with its domed tower is undoubtedly one the best architectural jewels of Berlin. The construction of the building is considered to be completed in 1708 and the last reconstruction was in 1988. Together with the opposite Französischer Dom, the Deutcher Dom is considered a cathedral, but not in the word’s actual sense.

The Reichstag building

With no doubt, it is one of the most spectacular buildings of the capital city. It was built with the purpose to house the former parliament named Reichstag. The building was badly damaged in a fire, in 1933. It was later refurbished partially, but full restoration was only made in 1990. It is one of the most visited attractions of Berlin and its immense dome is very popular among visitors. The huge glass dome provides a 360° spectacular view over the city.

The Reichstag building, photo by Bernt Rostad/Flickr

Berlin Cathedral

One of the most wonderful architectural jewels of Berlin, Berlin Cathedral can be found on Museum Island. The building is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles. It was constructed in several stages, being completed in 1905 and restored in 1993. Made of brick and sandstone, the domed building is of an outstanding beauty. Its interior is as breathtaking as its exterior part. The cathedral is surely a must-see attraction of Berlin.


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