The best fall festivals in Germany

Festival of Lights Berlin, photo by abbilder/Flickr

Planning a vacation to Germany in the last days of October or during November? Well, besides the desired attractions you will visit, here are some festivals which occur in the autumn months in some big cities of Germany: the Festival of Lights of Berlin, the Jewish Culture Days in Munich, the Jazz Fest of Berlin and the DOM Festival of Hamburg. Attending any of them will surely make a fantastic fall holiday. Many of them are very famous and popular among tourists, attracting dozens of visitors. If you would like to find out when do these festivals occur and what are the programs of the events, read the following article.

Festival of Lights Berlin

The outstanding festival occurs in the capital city, Berlin during the month of October. There are illuminated the fantastic landmarks of the city, about 45 by number. These iconic or historical buildings are illuminated each night, starting from 19:00 until 01:00. Some of the illuminated buildings are the Brandenburg Gate, the whole Museum Island, the TV Tower and so on. There are special tours organized in the evenings, named “lightseeing tours” which are offered by boat, bus or even bicycle.

Festival of Lights Berlin, photo by abbilder/Flickr

Jewish Culture Days in Munich

Occurring between the 12th and 22nd of November, the Jewish Culture Days in Munich is a very famous festival in Germany. During the 10 day event there are several manifestations of different themes: literature, music, theatre and so on. The festival takes place at the cultural centre of the city named Gasteig. The building of Gasteig opened in 1985 and hosts today numerous cultural events. Dedicated to Jewish traditions, history and art, the festival attracts Jews from all around Germany and not only.


JazzFest Berlin

The magnificent capital city of Germany hosts the worldwide famous and prestigious jazz festival named JazzFest Berlin. It is considered one of the most prestigious jazz events in the world. The event attracts jazz bands and singers from all around the world during its four days. It occurs between the 1st and the 4th of November. The venues of the festival are numerous jazz clubs and the theatre named “Haus der Berliner Festspiele”. The event was founded in 1964. If you are a fan of jazz music, I suggest you to visit Berlin in the first days of November and attend this fantastic event. Then, you will also have the occasion to visit the capital city’s magnificent attractions.

DOM Festival Hamburg

It is a spectacular four-week event which takes place in Hamburg, between the 9th of November and the 9th of December. The outstanding festival is dedicated to the DOM which is one of Germany’s biggest open-air fun fairs. Visiting the event is undoubtedly a great day out for the whole family, as there are concerts, Ferris wheels, fireworks and roller coasters on display. The festival is one of the biggest in North Germany and is also very popular among visitors. If you have children, make sure to attend this fantastic event. I guarantee they will be amazed and really satisfied, just like you.

Hamburg DOM, photo by gioanola/Flickr


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