The best German spa towns

Marienbad Axel-D/Flickr

Marienbad ©Axel-D/Flickr

As you surely know it, Germany is home to a large variety of attractions and destinations, being one of the most visited European countries. It is abundant in beautiful cities, architectural landmarks, museums, natural jewels and other sights. The country drags millions of tourists each year. This is not surprising if we think of the deluge of the amazing sights, the world renowned events and great resorts of all kind.

Germany is also home to numerous spa resorts. If you love to relax by getting indulged by great spa facilities, I recommend you to choose one of the best German spa towns presented below. The best-known are the following: Baden-Baden, Bad Kissingen, Bad Greisbach, Bad Homburg and Marienbad.


The amazing spa town of Baden-Baden has been known for more than 2,000 years. Its springs are world renowned. Today Baden-Baden is with no doubt one of the best German spa towns. Besides the amazing spa facilities, the city also offers numerous options for sports enthusiasts, including golf, horse races and tennis. The countryside is also ideal for hiking and mountain climbing.

View over Baden-Baden belboo/Flickr

View over Baden-Baden ©belboo/Flickr

Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen is with no doubt one of the best German spa towns. Located in Bavaria, it is very attractive among tourists. The KissSalis Thermae bathing center is a highlight of the town. It was completed in 2004 and includes 10,000 square feet of water surface which derives from the Schönborn springs. If you visit Bad Kissingen, I recommend you to try the mud therapy. It is known to aid in skin diseases and to reduce pain and stiffness.

Bad Kissingen epfennig/Flickr

Bad Kissingen ©epfennig/Flickr

Bad Greisbach

Located about 20 miles from Passau, the fantastic Bad Greisbach is a great spa town of Germany. It is famous for its stunning views over the countryside of Bavaria. The numerous hotels of Bad Greisbach offer professional wellness team trained in wellness, physical therapy, beauty and sports. Spending a weekend at one of the spa hotels of the town is surely a remarkable experience.


Marienbad is a world renowned spa town located on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic. There are more than 100 natural mineral springs in the town. The most famous spring in Marianske Lazne is Knzovy Pramen. It is great for drinking as a medicine. Marienbad is very attractive among tourists. If you happen to visit this part of Germany, I recommend you not to miss this spa town.

Marienbad Axel-D/Flickr

Marienbad ©Axel-D/Flickr

Bad Homburg

Located about 20 minutes of Frankfurt, Bad Homburg is another famous spa town of Germany. If you are looking for soothing saltwater relaxation pool, steam bath, aromatherapy and sauna, Bad Homburg’s hotels will be the perfect choice for you.


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