The best sights in Bonn

Bonn Minster mbrochh/Flickr

Bonn Minster ©mbrochh/Flickr

If you are visiting the western part of Germany, searching for a great tourist destination, I suggest you to choose the wonderful city of Bonn. Bonn is situated in North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany. The beautiful city is famous for being the birthplace of the world famous composer and pianist, Ludwig von Beethoven. It is also well-known for its university, the University of Bonn which is considered one of the most reputable of its kind in Germany. Besides, there are other visitor attractions in the city, too, including castles, museums, churches, open spaces and some modern buildings. If you are interested in the best sights in Bonn, I suggest you to read the following guide.

Beethoven House

The birthplace of Beethoven is very popular among visitors. Today a museum, the house where the famous composer was born is a major tourist attraction of the city. It can be found at Bonngasse 20. This house is home to the museum, while the neighboring buildings include a chamber music hall, a library and a collection, composing a large Beethoven archive.

The museum is open April to October, Monday to Saturday from 10:00 until 18:00, on Sundays and public holidays from 11:00 to 18:00; November to March it is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. (June 2013)

Beethoven House Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr

Beethoven House ©Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr

Bonn Minster

Another extremely important landmark of the city is the breathtaking Bonn Minster. It is considered to be one of the oldest churches in Germany. The church is a huge and astonishing Roman Catholic basilica. The religious building is a popular tourist attraction. I think you shouldn’t miss to visit this Romanesque church either.

Bonn Minster mbrochh/Flickr

Bonn Minster ©mbrochh/Flickr

Poppelsdorf Palace

The beautiful Poppelsdorf Palace can be found in the district of the city which wears the same name. It is a wonderful Baroque building which attracts numerous visitors of Bonn. The actual look of the palace dates from the 18th century when the ruined building began to be replaced.

During the World War II it was damaged and needed reconstruction works. The verdant botanical garden of the palace is one of its highlight. Visiting the palace and the garden surely makes a relaxing day out.

Poppelsdorf Palace Curnen/Flickr

Poppelsdorf Palace ©Curnen/Flickr

The Arboretum Park Härle

A natural attraction of the city is the Arboretum Park Härle. Dating from 1870, the arboretum is famous for housing innumerable plant species. It actually contains three parts: an area of extensive woodland, the old park and the new park. The huge arboretum is home to over 800 of species of shrubs and trees. If you want a relaxing afternoon, I suggest you to visit this fantastic natural attraction.

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