The best sights in Cologne

Cologne Cathedral Ger1axg/ookaboo

Cologne Cathedral ©Ger1axg/ookaboo

One of Germany’s most beautiful and most attractive cities, Cologne is an astonishing tourist destination. It is considered one of Europe’s major metropolitan areas. The immense city is extremely popular among tourists, being home to hundreds of art galleries, museums, churches, the astonishing Cologne Cathedral, bridges, parks and different other sights. For young people it is good news that there are several pubs, restaurants and bars in the city. Attracting even millions of tourists annually, Cologne is absolutely worth visiting. If you are interested in the best sights in Cologne, read the following guide before traveling. It will surely come in handy.

Cologne Cathedral

One of Germany’s and even of entire Europe’s most breathtaking cathedrals, Cologne Cathedral is with no doubt the major visitor attraction of the city. The astonishing World Heritage Site is considered the country’s most visited attraction, welcoming about 20.000 of visitors daily. Yes, daily… It is an excellent jewel of Gothic architecture. If you visit Cologne, make sure to visit this astonishing World Heritage Site!

Cologne Cathedral Ger1axg/ookaboo

Cologne Cathedral ©Ger1axg/ookaboo

Cologne City Hall

The beautiful Cologne City Hall is another fascinating landmark of the city. It is one of the several astonishing medieval buildings in Cologne, being the oldest city hall of the country. The building consists of several structures, including the 14th century historic town hall, Renaissance loggia and cloister and the 15th century Gothic tower.

Great St Martin Church

Cologne is abundant in religious buildings. One of the most beautiful and most popular churches of the city is the Great St Martin Church. It is one of Cologne’s twelve Romanesque churches. The Roman Catholic church is a popular landmark and tourist attraction of the city. The building includes one of the landmarks of Cologne’s Old Town, a soaring crossing tower.

Great St Martin Church Leandro's World Tour/Flickr

Great St Martin Church ©Leandro’s World Tour/Flickr

The Hohenzollern Bridge

One of Cologne’s bridges, the Hohenzollern Bridge is a major landmark of the city. The 400 m long bridge used to be one of Germany’s most significant bridges during World War II. Crossing the Rhine River, the bridge carries both train and pedestrian traffic. It is famous among lovers for placing love padlocks on the fence between the tracks and the sidewalk. If you visit the city with your partner, make sure to place a padlock here.

The Hohenzollern Bridge tiseb/Flickr

The Hohenzollern Bridge ©tiseb/Flickr

Basilica of St. Severin

Another religious building of Cologne is the Basilica of St. Severin. The beautiful Romanesque church is another popular sight of the city. The actual building’s oldest parts date back in the 10th century. If you love to visit churches, you can not miss this one! I am sure that you will love it.




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