The best sights in Erfurt

Erfurt Cathedral Thuringius/okaboo

Erfurt Cathedral ©Thuringius/ookaboo

The nearest city to the geographic centre of Germany, Erfurt is a fantastic tourist destination. It is the capital of Thuringia, forming its central metropolitan area with further two cities. There are numerous wonderful landmarks in Erfurt which make this city a worth visiting destination. Some of the best sights in Erfurt are the following: the Erfurt Cathedral, the Predigerkirche, the Krämerbrücke Bridge, the beautiful Petersberg Citadel and the famous Old Synagogue.

If you are planning a journey to Thuringia, I suggest you not to miss Erfurt. This beautiful city is with no doubt a great place to visit. In order to help you make your decision, in the following guide I will present you the city’s best landmarks.

Erfurt Cathedral

One of the most beautiful and best-known landmarks of the city is the Erfurt Cathedral. It is a fantastic 1.200 year-old church which is situated on Cathedral Hill. The cathedral is also known as St Mary’s Cathedral. The cathedral wears the characteristics of Gothic style. The immense and impressive cathedral is very attractive among visitors. The interior of the building is also very attractive, presenting wonderful stained glass windows.

Erfurt Cathedral Thuringius/okaboo

Erfurt Cathedral ©Thuringius/ookaboo


The beautiful Protestant church of Predigerkirche was originally built during the 13th century by the Dominican order. It only became a Protestant church later. Its beautiful bell tower was added later, during the 15th century. One of the highlights of the church is its beautiful Baroque organ. The Predigerkirche is a significant landmark of the city.

Predigerkirche de:Benutzer:Kurmis/okaboo

Predigerkirche ©de:Benutzer:Kurmis/ookaboo

Krämerbrücke Bridge

The unique bridge of Krämerbrücke is situated in the wonderful city of Erfurt. The bridge is “covered” with beautiful half-timbered buildings which are inhabited. This spectacular landmark is unique in the region north of Alps, Europe. The bridge was first mentioned in 1117. Parts of the bridge were several times destroyed by fire during the 12th and 13th centuries. Two churches were built at the bridgeheads of Krämerbrücke. The half-timbered houses were built only during the 14th century. Today, there are several antique and artisans’ shops on the bridge. It is considered a major visitor attraction of Erfurt. If you would like to see a unique sight, Krämerbrücke Bridge is the right attraction.

Petersberg Citadel

Another fantastic landmark of Erfurt is the beautiful Petersberg Citadel. It actually wears the characteristics of several architectural styles. The citadel presents a Baroque core and the portal at St. Peter’s Gate is also Baroque. It includes a Romanesque church, St Peter’s Church.

The Old Synagogue

The wonderful synagogue in Erfurt is considered one of the best-preserved synagogues in Europe. It is almost completely preserved although it dates from the 11th century. Some of the highlights of the building are the mikveh Jewish ritual bath. It dates from 1250. Other highlights of the Old Synagogue are authentic contemporary manuscripts and one of most significant objects of ancient Jewish treasures.

The Old Synagogue in Erfurt Michael Sander/okaboo

The Old Synagogue in Erfurt ©Michael Sander/ookaboo


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