The best urban travel destinations in Saxony

Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig

Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig ©

Situated in the eastern part of Germany, the Free State of Saxony is the country’s tenth largest state. Saxony is an attractive travel destination due to the numerous cities and towns of it. The best urban travel destinations in Saxony are the following: Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden, Zwickau and so on. If you love to visit cities and towns on your holiday, Saxony is a great choice.

The previously mentioned urban travel destinations are home to numerous outstanding visitor attractions, being very popular among tourists. Its largest city, Leipzig, is a paradise for the lovers of sightseeing. So is the beautiful city of Dresden which is also a very popular destination for tourist. If you would like to find out more about these cities, read the following article.


As the largest city of Saxony, Leipzig is a major tourist destination. The well-known and beautiful city is home to dozens of amazing visitor attractions, including churches, museums, monuments, theatres, parks and different notable buildings. The main landmarks and visitor attractions of the city are the following: the New Town Hall, the building of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany, St Thomas Church, St Nicholas Church, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, the Botanical Garden of Leipzig, the Zoological Garden of Leipzig and so on. There are so many sights in this gorgeous city that you would need to spend at least a couple of days here to visit all of them. It is with no doubt a must-see urban travel destination of Saxony.

Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig

Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig ©


Chemnitz is another fantastic city which is with no doubt worth visiting. It is also home to numerous fantastic landmarks and visitor attractions. Some of the best-known landmarks of Chemnitz are the following: the beautiful Old and New City Hall, the Chemnitz Opera, the Kulturkaufhaus Tietz with the amazing petrified forest in its courtyard, Burg Rabenstein, the Karl Marx Monument and so on. The city is situated at the foothills of the Ore Mountains which raise its attractiveness even more.

The Old and New City Hall in Chemnitz

The Old and New City Hall in Chemnitz ©


The second largest city of Saxony, Dresden is extremely popular among visitors. It is a fascinating and beautiful city, being home to some extraordinary architectural treasures. The most astonishing landmarks of Dresden are the breathtaking Zwinger Palace, the Katholische Hofkirche, the amazing opera house named Semperoper, Dresden Frauenkirche, its museums and other notable buildings and monuments. Dresden is with no doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is also a major tourist destination within the state of Saxony.

Zwinger Palace Dresden ilovebutter/Flickr

Zwinger Palace Dresden ©ilovebutter/Flickr


The fourth largest city of Saxony is Zwickau. It is a beautiful city which is well-known for being “the city of Automobiles”. The city houses numerous landmarks including its Town Hall, the main square, its cathedral, the Gewandhaus and so on. Zwickau is a beautiful city which is worth visiting for those who visit Saxony.


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