The carnival in Cologne


Cologne is a beautiful city in the west side of Germany spread on both sides of the Rhine River. Tourists say Cologne is a very welcoming city because the locals are open, warm and happy and because it is one of the oldest cities in Germany with many cultural attractions and still able to offer an interactive and entertaining city events such as the carnival in Cologne.

Events in Cologne


You will find in this city, plenty of cultural and fun events in every season of the year. Like Frankfurt, Cologne has the magic Christmas markets. The seven Christmas markets open on the last Monday before Advent and gather millions of visitors each year. The combination of music, toys, crafts, gingerbread, chestnuts and wine creates a magic atmosphere.

In the middle of summer, the city light up the sky in huge flames. The impressive fireworks called “Cologne Lights” can be seen in the mid-July between Hohenzollem and Zoo bridges. The show of lights reflects in the Rhine, creating a fairy colourful image. The fireworks synchronize with a music specially composed for these events. At the end of the lights, a convoy of ships announces the finals of this celebration.

The fifth season


While every city in the Europe has the four seasons, Cologne has invented the fifth. The carnival in Cologne is actually the carnival season and begins on November 11 at 11:11 AM. The fifth season is celebrated every year by a huge crazy carnival. The spirit of the carnival is suspended during the Advent and Christmas, but is brought again by people in the New Year. The carnival brings lots of party people in the streets, in the squares or pubs and the closing times of those are suspended during the festival. The seven days of the carnival, also called the “crazy days” are officially declared open on the Thursday before the beginning of Lent (the Fat Thursday) and end up on Ash Wednesday. The colourful Corps troops can be admired on Saturday, at the Nemarkt (New Market). Also, different groups and parades can be seen at the carnival all over the city. The most important of them is “Cologne’s Dreigestim” which takes place two days before the final. During the Dreigestim, three people are dressed up as Jungfrau, Prinz, and Bauer (virgin, prince and farmer) and pay large sums of money to the privileges. The prince is usually the parade leader and the virgin is always represented by a man dressed as female. The greeting of the festival is the German translation of “Cologne above all” and is a public party for everyone who enjoys street parades

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