The DOM market

Hamburgis one of the biggest trade centres in Europe. The city has always been outward-looking and this aspect has shaped the mentality of its inhabitants.  

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Some facts aboutHamburg

With more than 1.7 million inhabitants, the city ofHamburgis the largest inGermanyand is also one of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany. ThereforeHamburgis both a city and a state. Located in the northern region, the city is a major port on theElbeRiver.Hamburgis popular for its shopping and its cultural life. The area aroundHamburgis also beautiful and the 3.5 million people living in metropolitanHamburgare the standing proof of it.Hamburgis seven times bigger thanParisand twice bigger thanLondon. That is why the living standards here are high.Hamburgoffers the biggest average living space of all major cities and 15% of the area is made up of parks and green spaces.

What is theHamburgDOM?

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The people inHamburglove parties and festivals. The DOM inHamburgis the biggest public festival in the north ofGermany. This fair-festival takes place three times a year. During the festival you can experience a lot of fun, nostalgia and thrills. The location is in the centre ofHamburgon the Heiligengeistfeld flak tower and it is believed to attract over ten million visitors every year.

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The name of the fair goes back to a group of merchants, craftsmen and jugglers of the 14th century. They were granted the right to seek shelter in “Marien-Dom” cathedral on bad weather (Dom is the German name for cathedral). In the 19th century, the showmen and machine operators established on Heiligengeistfeld, which is the venue of today’s DOM. The coming years added popularity to the market. Due to the increasing popularity the DOM took the form of a fair and became a tradition ofHamburg.


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The three fairs take place in spring (March), in summer (July) and in winter (November). The three fairs have one thing in common: for 4 weeks Heiligengeistfeld becomes one single bustling fairground from03:00 p.m.until11:00 p.m.The rollercoaster fly pas the stands and you can buy hot com on the cob, roasted almonds or candied fruits. Of course the German fair will also sell the traditional sausages, potatoes or waffles. The distinguishing feature of the Dom is the Ferris wheel. An additional adventure zone has been another element of the event for the past years. This has a different theme every year. The entry to this fair is free and visitors can expect to have a lot of fun here. Another best thing about the DOM is that everything you buy in the fair is very cheap.

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