The famous Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden chris grabert/Flick

Unter den Linden by night ©chris grabert/Flick

I am absolutely sure that you’ve already heard about the famous Unter den Linden. It is the best-known boulevard of the German capital city, Berlin. It is situated in the district of Mitte. The boulevard was named for its linden trees which line along the street. The boulevard is very long, including and crossing numerous points of interest. The Unter den Linden actually is located in the centre of the historic section of the city and attracts numerous tourists. If you visit Berlin on your next holiday, I suggest you to make a walk along the famous boulevard. You surely won’t regret it, as it is abundant in fantastic sights. Which are these? If you want to find it out, read this guide below.

Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince’s Palace)

Located at one end of the Unter den Linden, the Crown Prince’s Palace is a fantastic late Classical style building. It used to be a residence of the well-known Hohenzollern royal family. Later, it became an annex of the Berlin National Gallery. Destroyed during the World War II, the building was rebuilt in 1968. Today it is used for different events and exhibitions.

Unter den Linden by night chris grabert/Flick

Unter den Linden by night ©chris grabert/Flick


The public square of Bebelplatz is very popular in Berlin. The major sights on the square are the State Opera, the Alte Bibliothek of the Humboldt University and St. Hedwig’s Cathedral. The square is popular among both local people and tourists. If you make a walk along the boulevard, stop at the square and make some photos of its attractions, too.

St. Hedwigs Cathedral on Bebelplatz ingo.ronner/Flickr

St. Hedwigs Cathedral on Bebelplatz ©ingo.ronner/Flickr

The German Historical Museum

The German Historical Museum is another highlight of the Unter den Linden. The famous museum includes excellent collections relating to the history of Germany. The collections include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, weapons, furniture, photos, medical instruments, toys, costumes, political objects…everything that is related to German history.

The Neue Wache

The building of the Neue Wache used to serve as a royal guard house until the World War I ended. It is a recognizable structure on the Unter den Linden due to its Neoclassic façade. The Neue Wache can be found on the northern side of the boulevard and it is a major attraction of it. Today it serves as a war memorial and is open to visitors.

Neue Wache

Neue Wache ©

Berlin State Opera

The magnificent Berlin State Opera is one of the highlights of the famous Unter den Linden. The building was damaged several times over the years and needed reconstruction work. The actual look of the opera house dates from 1955. The building can accommodate up to 1.300 people. The opera house hosts numerous fantastic performances and attracts dozens of spectators. 

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