The German Countryside

This country is extremely rich in natural beauty. Delimited in north by the Baltic coast and the North Sea and in south by the high peaks of the Alps, the country has diverse and beautiful landscapes all over. The wide expanses of rivers, the lake areas, the green hills and the savage wooden regions, as opposed to the agricultural plains or the industrial city regions, they all create a magnificent picture in all of the four seasons which shape the German countryside. These stunningly beautiful landscapes contributes to the high quality of life and to the developed economic system of Germany.

The Forests, rivers and mountains

If you are passing by the countryside of Germany, you can admire the dense forests of conifers or the medieval castles spread along the river valley in the hills of Germany. One of them is the Black Forest, a wooden region that used to be frequented by the German romantic poets. Its name is due to the dense growth of trees which block out most of the light inside the forest. The cross-European river Danube originates from the Black Forrest, but there are many other rivers that cross the forest.

The Ruhr is the countryside with the largest conurbation but also a very green region extremely rich in coal, iron and steel. The region is surrounded by the rivers Ruhr (in the south), Rhine (in the west) and Lippe (in the north). Here you can find many majestic parks and nature reserves. The Rhur was the center of German economic boom in the 50’s.

The Alps that rise up in the south have crystal-clear lakes with magic views and they are ideal destination in all seasons.  The northern side is dominated by the moors, heaths and a series of islands in the North Sea.

The countryside as opposed to the cities

In Germany you can find many farms with laid and tilled fields. Tourists can spend unforgettable moments in the countryside of Germany by choosing to stay at a farm. This is an excellent alternative, especially for families with children, as the farms have a range of pets which the children may feed or play with. Since many farmers sell their own products, visitors can try the homemade cheese, sausages, wines or fruit juices and breads.

Even if there are so many beautiful landscapes in Germany, nearly half of the Germany’s population live in the urban area.

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