The German Timber-Frame Road

Miltenberg yilmaz ovunc/Flickr

Miltenberg ©yilmaz ovunc/Flickr

What is the German Timber-Frame Road? It is actually a tourist route between the Lake Constance (in the south) and the River Elbe (in the north). The route got its name after the wonderful half-timbered houses situated in the numerous cities along it. The purpose of the route is to preserve the astonishing half-timbered houses of Germany. It was founded in 1990 and is very famous nowadays among visitors. As the route runs from the southern part of Germany to its northern part, there are many cities, sights and wonderful landscapes along it which are very attractive for visitors. There are several regional routes of which below I will present you some.

The region between the Lake Constance and Black Forest

The southernmost region included in the route known as the German Timber-Frame Road is the section between the Lake Constance and the Black Forest.

It includes such communities like Marbach (the birthplace of Friedrich Schiller), Esslingen which is home to some astonishing old timber-frame houses, Bad Urach (famous for its old Market Square dominated by the timber-frame City Hall), the beautiful Besigheim, Eppingen, Waiblingen with blue half-timbered houses and so on.

Esslingen khawkins04/Flickr

Esslingen ©khawkins04/Flickr

The region between the Rhine River and Main River

The region between the Rhine River and Main River includes numerous cities and towns which are famous for this specific type of buildings. These communities include Wertheim, Trebur, the breathtaking Miltenberg with its innumerable timber-frame houses found especially in the old town, Babenhausen, the beautiful Erbach and others.  

Miltenberg yilmaz ovunc/Flickr

Miltenberg ©yilmaz ovunc/Flickr

The region of the Rhine District

The section from the Rhine District to the Lahn River is also abundant in timber-frame buildings. There are some astonishing such houses in the picturesque town of Dillenburg, in the old town of Wetzlar, in the town of Etville, in the gorgeous city of Limburg, in the small town of Hadamar (of which timber-frame Town Hall dates from 1639), in Bad Camberg and in other communities.

Wetzlar Dittmeyer/Flickr

Wetzlar ©Dittmeyer/Flickr

The region of the Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains communities also house some breathtaking timber-frame houses. In case you visit this region of the country and don’t have enough time to follow the entire route, you surely won’t regret it. Some of the highlights of the region are: the numerous timber-frame houses of Stolberg or Wanfried. Besides, the natural environment is also very attractive.

The region between the Elbe River and Weser Uplands

The northernmost region of the German Timber-Frame Road is the section between the Elbe River and Weser Uplands. Some of the communities which include timber-frame houses in this region are the following: Nienburg, Northeim, Bad Essen, the wonderful city of Stade, the town of Einbeck and others. Choose any of the previously mentioned regions – I am absolutely sure you will enjoy the visit.

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