The Greenside of Frankfurt


You have met Frankfurtby the means of these articles as a commercial and financial centre of Germanyand Europe. However you should meet another side of the city. Discover the greenside of Frankfurt and find that this city is actually a very green one. With a very large forest, many parks and botanical gardens, plus the Main riverbanks, Frankfurt is fairly considered to be a green city. Everything is green in Frankfurt. Actually, more than 50% of the area within the city is green. Even those who live in the heart of the city can enjoy a peaceful and quiet place as much as those who live in the residential or countryside areas. Green tall trees and colourful gardens are located in the city centre within a couple of minutes walk from the financial district. The greenside of Frankfurt consists of many woods, parks and gardens where its habitants can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Those who prefer more exotic places can go toPalmGarden and have a walk through the palms and other exotic plants.

About the green areas


Frankfurt is enjoyable for everybody, whether they are on foot or bike. For bikers, a circular tour of Frankfurtis available. This is the Frankfurt’s green belt of hills, parks and water meadows surrounding the city. The Green Belt is actually a ring-shaped green space around the city. This green area outside Frankfurt has plenty of old oaks, pine trees and tall beaches. The best time to make this tour is in spring, when the trees are full of blossom.

In the north side ofFrankfurt, the Nidda flows gently by the agricultural lands, near to the German metropolis. The financial centre of Germany is not overwhelmed by skyscrapers, but is rather a green city with plenty of oasis and relaxing areas.Frankfurthas more than 50 lakes surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens.

The most important parks and gardens


Besides the Green Belt of Frankfurt, you can also visit the Main Riverside banks in the inner city. Automobiles are not allowed in this area which is very popular to tourists. The largest park in the city is Niddapark, with over 168 ha. If you are looking for something more exotic, you should visit the Garden of Heavenly Peace. This is a Chinese-styled park named after the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing.Wallanglen is a series of parks in the Alstdadt where house building is forbidden. This is build within the former city fortications.

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