The Hauptwache


Frankfurt is a relatively small city but with many attractions. The Hauptwache is a famous plaza in Frankfurtand is a central point of the German city. The plaza was originally called Schillerplatz, but the place was renamed at the beginning of 1900’s. Hauptwache is a café in a baroque building that used to be a police station. It is located in Frankfurt’s inner city and in the middle of a shopping area with many pedestrian streets. If tired after a shopping session, this is the perfect place to sit and have a coffee in the middle ofFrankfurt.

A short history of the place


The Hauptwache is a central point in Frankfurt. That is because the main attractions in the city are all within a walking distance. From this point, you can quickly get to Alte Oper, Eschenheimer Turm, Paulskirche or Goethehaus. When built in 1729 by Johann Samhaimer, the building was destined as a defence seat for the authorities with a small prison. The building was stormed in 1833 by a couple of students in their attempt to free the inmates and several authorities were killed. After 1866, the place lost its military function and Hauptwache became a police station. After 1904, the place was turned into a café. This building did not escape the bombing during the Second World War and was partially damaged. It was rebuilt in 1954. Hauptwache became a serious obstacle when building the subway network inFrankfurt, therefore it was rebuilt again in 1967 on the top of the station.

The Hauptwache today


Today the place is located at the centre of a large plaza called An der Hauptwache. The plaza is an excellent shopping centre and is the heart of Frankfurt’s shopping district. Frankfurt is famous in Europe for being a shopping centre. The Frankfurt’s most famous shopping street is Zeil (also known as the German „Fifht Avenue”) and this starts in Haptwache. Other shopping streets, such as Goethestrasse and Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse also start in this plaza. The Hauptwache plaza has a number of different architectural styles. The baroque style used when first building the place was completed with the new architecture of the buildings reconstructed after the war in the surroundings. Hauptwache remains a popular café today, bearing its tumultuous history behind it.  The Hauptwache station is one of the most important cross points of the transport system in the city.

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