The History Experience


Are you passionate about history? Visit the small German town of Weimarand you will discover most of the Europe’s recent history. Before you visit Weimar, you should become acquainted with the history and the points of interest of the city.  Only with „The History Experience” you can benefit from a suspenseful journey through time, into the past history of the city. The importance of Weimar is not only due to its great classic personalities like Goethe and Schiller, but also to the number of significant events that happened here. The town once called the land of thinkers and poets (Land der Dichter und Denker) became before the Second World War, a country of judges and hangmen (Richter und Henker).

Weimarafter the First World War



Before the First World War,Germanywas a very prosperous country. It had a gold-backed currency, an expanding industry and the world leadership in chemicals and machinery. After the war, the Germans created a democratic government which was established by a democratic document. This constitutional document was framed by the national assembly andWeimarwas the meeting point of this national assembly. The federal constitution applied to all of the 17 federal states inGermany. Following theUSmodel, the Weimar Constitution had three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. It remained in place until the beginning of World War II.WeimarRepublicwas very popular and successful at that time, but after that, the Bavarian civil war in 1919 gave birth to the National Socialism or the German Nazism.

About the tour


If you ever visit Weimarand are passionate about the historical and political facts of the Germany, you should visit the centre that tells its story. The History Experience or Weimar Haus: Das Geschichtserlebnis is in fact an interactive multimedia tour (in one of the international languages) through the history ofWeimar, from prehistoric times until now. The tour features audio, video, wax figures and detailed sets you move through guided by famous historical figures. It is a space of 500 m2 designed by writers, stage directors, audio and visual specialists, technicians and film-makers which shows the history of the city through movies, stages and wax figures. The History Experience has seven rooms, where you can experience aspects of the city through different periods. The multi-media presentation tells the interesting story of the city of Weimar and makes you experience it with all your senses.


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