The History of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers


Frankfurt is the oldest trade fair town in the country. The town not only kept its trading background but also managed to become the most important commercial center in Germanyand even in Europe. It is the current seat of the European Central Bank and also the seat of many large corporate banks in Europe. Frankfurt am Main can be considered the financial and commercial capital of Europe. Its location made it a very important rail and air hub. Frankfurtis the most important airport in Germanytoday and is worldwide famous for its many skyscrapers. Let’s discover together the history of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers.

Frankfurt proud of its skyscrapers


No other European city has as much enthusiasm for the skyscrapers as Frankfurt.  It is one of the very few cities in Europewith a significant number of skyscrapers (and by skyscrapers we understand buildings with at least 150 meters tall). Out of the 13 German skyscrapers, 12 are located in Frankfurt. Most of these are located in Bankenviertel, which is the financial district of the city, near the city centre. Even if not all skyscrapers are open for visitors, the Wolkenkratzer-Festival made it possible for the skyscrapers to be visited publicly every few years. The buildings are highlighted at night by spectacular laser lights and fireworks. With a booming skyline and a modern architecture, there is much to celebrate. The city considered to be “the most American city outside theUS” is a modern metropolis and has a glooming future.

The history behind the tall buildings


The history of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers begins some decades ago. In the past, Saint Bartholomews’s Cathedral measuring 95 metres was the highest building inFrankfurt.  The first building to beat the cathedral in terms of height was a 120 metres grain silo built in 1960. Ten years after its construction, the first boom of high-rise buildings came here. TheSilverTower and thePlazaBüroCenter were built and they were at the time the tallest buildings inGermany. Shortly after, Frankfurter Büro Center and the City-Haus were constructed. The Garden Towers and the Eurotower rose up in the financial district. Deutsche Bank Twin towers is the most important building constructed in the 80’s. The next construction boom was in 1990, with the building up of the MesseTurm and the Commerzbank Tower. With its 259 metres, this is currently the highest of the Frankfurt’s skyscrapers.

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