The Lake Constance and its surroundings

Mainau Island flower beds gravitat-OFF/Flickr

Mainau Island flower beds ©gravitat-OFF/Flickr

The beautiful Lake Constance and its surroundings make one of the top tourist destinations of Germany. The wonderful and huge lake lies in the area where Germany borders Switzerland and Austria. One of Europe’s largest lakes, Bodensee (Lake Constance) is a paradise for tourists, especially for nature-lovers.

One of its top highlights is the wonderful Mainau Island known as the Flower Island for its breathtaking gardens and plants. Besides, there are other attractions in the surrounding region. Are you interested in its best attractions? Read the following guide in order to find out more about this fascinating region of Germany. Then, make a journey to Lake Constance. I am absolutely sure you won’t regret it.

The beautiful Lake Constance

As I already mentioned it, the wonderful Lake Constance (Bodensee) is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Germany. The lake actually lies on the surfaces of three states: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The German side is surrounded by several communities and there are numerous islands on the lake. Whatever you’d choose of these destinations, you will surely have a memorable holiday.

The Mainau Island

Known as the Flower Island, the beautiful Mainau Island is one of the top highlights of Lake Constance. It is also one of the most visited sights of the lake, dragging numerous tourists each year. It is famous for its breathtaking parks and gardens which present astonishing plants, trees, shrubs, agaves, cacti, palm trees and flowers. The island is a perfect example of environmental practices.

Mainau Island flower beds gravitat-OFF/Flickr

Mainau Island flower beds ©gravitat-OFF/Flickr

The Monastic Island of Reichenau

Another island on the wonderful Lake Constance is the Monastic Island of Reichenau. The island has an important history, as it documents the cultural and religious role of the Benedictine abbey in the Middle Ages. The island and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. There are three beautiful and very well-preserved Romanesque churches on the Island of Reichenau which are important examples of monastic architecture.

Island of Reichenau landscape sacratomato_hr/Flickr

Island of Reichenau landscape ©sacratomato_hr/Flickr


Lindau is actually an island and a town located on the lake’s eastern side. Lindau is a wonderful attraction of Bodensee. It is abundant in landmarks, including the port entrance with its lighthouse, its cathedral, Peterskirche, the historic Town Hall, the Church of St. Stephan, its promenade and so on. The island is easily accessible as it is connected to the mainland by both a road bridge and a causeway.

Lindau port M.Maselli/Flickr

Lindau port ©M.Maselli/Flickr

The Meersburg Castle

Not far from Unteruhldingen is the breathtaking historic building of Meersburg Castle which offers excellent views over Lake Constance. The building is considered to be the oldest castle in the country which still functions as a private residence.

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