The Lubecker Marzipan


The Lübeck Marzipan (or the Lübecker Marzipan) is the marzipan that originates from the city of Lübeck, in north Germany. The marzipan has been protected by the directives of the EU Council since 1996. The Lübecker Marzipan is produced by local manufacturers like Niederegger, Carstens, Lubeca or Marzipan-Land and follows a set of strict quality principles set by voluntary commitments. Some of them use almond paste exclusively and add no sugar but the general rule is not to add more than 30% of sugar in the mixture.

About the marzipan




We all have all tasted the marzipan in different mixtures or sweets. The German marzipan is a mixture of whole almonds grinded and mixed with sugar and the resulted paste is partially dried. The French marzipan combines ground almonds with sugar syrup instead, while the Spanish marzipan is made without bitter almonds. It is used as sweets filling or the layers can be used for icing the cakes.

Some believe that the marzipan came from Persia. It has been introduced by the Arab merchants in Europe. Then, it became a speciality of the Baltic Sea, in Lübeck, in 1806. The marzipan popularity increased quickly around the world and it was an appreciated dessert by the royal and the wealthy families, mostly because of the high price of sugar. The sugar price decreased in the 19th century and therefore the marzipan became a dessert that anyone could afford. It was also used for medical purposes in the 18th century. The city ofLübeck is known today as the capital of marzipan. Its marzipan is famous in the world for its quality and consistency.

Café Niederegger



According to the Lübeck guidelines for oilseeds, the marzipan is a mixture of raw marzipan mass and the same amount of sugar, although some replace the sugar by up to 3% glucose syrup or up to 5 % sorbitol. The fine marzipan contains less sugar and more almond paste. It consists of at least 70 parts raw marzipan mass and at most 30 parts added sugar. The Niederegger recipe uses no sugar for manufacturing the marzipan. Café Niederegger in Lübeck is the place where you can treat yourself with marzipan cakes and enjoy a unique atmosphere. The place is ideal for breakfast, lunch or a cosy dinner. The chefs use quality fresh ingredients and the cakes are made from recipes passed down from seven generations.


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