The most famous Berlin filming scenes

Berlin Cathedral Krolchatina/Flickr

Berlin Cathedral ©Krolchatina/Flickr

Berlin is a fascinating European capital city, being very attractive among tourists. Due to its unique tourist attractions it drags millions of visitors each year. The city is with no doubt one of the most interesting destinations to explore. With such landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the Museum Island with its fantastic museums, the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Reichstag Building and so on, Berlin is a very attractive city. Below I will give you one more reason than makes it worth visiting. Berlin has offered numerous spots for several films over the years. In the following guide I will give you the filming locations of one respective film, the “Don 2 – The King is back”.


As one of the most famous Berlin filming scenes, the well-known Alexanderplatz appeared in the above mentioned film. The Alexanderplatz is the country’s largest inner city square and it is also a popular shopping area. Its 368-meter tall TV Tower is the tallest building in the country. Get on top of it and enjoy the 360º spectacular view of the city.

Berlin Cathedral

Another location of the “Don 2 – The King is back” is the beautiful Berlin Cathedral, one of the most important landmarks of the city. With its incomparable dome, the cathedral is a significant visitor attraction of the city. You can get up to the top of the famous dome and enjoy the remarkable view of the city centre. You can also visit the ministry church. It will be a great experience.

Berlin Cathedral Krolchatina/Flickr

Berlin Cathedral ©Krolchatina/Flickr

State Opera House

Located closely to the world famous boulevard, the Unter den Linden, Berlin’s State Opera House also gives a great location to the above mentioned film. The State Opera House is a special venue for a great evening out, inviting the visitors to enjoy fantastic programmes of opera and ballet.

Berlin State Opera House Jorge Lascar/Flickr

Berlin State Opera House ©Jorge Lascar/Flickr

The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s most famous landmark, the fantastic Brandenburg Gate is also a perfect setting for films! After Berlin Wall fell, the monument of Brandenburg Gate came to symbolize the reunification of Germany. The monument is one of the finest examples of Neo-classicist architecture in Germany. It also provides a great backdrop for festivals and major events.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Alexandra Svatikova/Flickr

East Side Gallery

Last, but not least important is the East Side Gallery of Berlin which stretches 1.3 km along the River Spree. It is considered to be the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. Besides, it is also the world’s longest open-air gallery. It is decorated with graffiti art and beautiful paintings. You shouldn’t miss this perfect photo opportunity.


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