The most livable cities of Germany in 2012

Germanyis a beautiful country and a very interesting destination for visitors. It is also the country that gives the most opportunities for students and business people, so this makes it a great destination to visit, study or work abroad. The country has the most livable cities in Europe. By livable, we understand the highly-rated cities or cities with a good reputation in terms of standard of living. The most important criteria in choosing the most livable cities of Germany in 2012 is the safety of the city, so the city has to have a very low crime rate. The climate, the architecture, the public transportation network and the social tolerance, the politics or the medical care are also important factors in rating these cities.

The annual city rankings attract a lot of employers. They also benefit from extensively wide media coverage and they represent popular topics in the world.

The capital


Why is Berlin one of the most livables cities inGermany? That’s becauseBerlinis both the capital and the biggest city inGermany. It is also the economical and political centre inGermany.  Today’sBerlinis a new-born city, completely reunited in 1990 after being separated into East and West during the Cold War. Despite that, the town quickly emerged into a cosmopolitan and exciting city in Germany, known for its politics, economics, art, and nightlife.





Munich is one of the most livable city of Germany in 2012 because is the capital of Bavaria and the gateway to the Alps. Some say even that this is the gateway to the world. It is one of the most beautiful and green cities in Germany and offers famous museums and traditional German architecture, which is a salute to Bavaria’s royal past. The best time to discover Munich is during the famous festival Oktoberfest, which attracts over 6 million visitors every year. The city was declared the most livable city in 2010.





This is the second largest city in Germany. Located in the North side of the country, it boasts one of the biggest harbours in the world. The city is famous for its legendary Reeperbahn, which is the city’s red light district. The city has maritime charm, lots of waterways running through it centre and more bridges than Amsterdam or Venice. Hamburg was listed among the most livable cities in 2011.


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