The old city of Cologne



Have you decided to visit Germany yet? Maybe the old city of Cologne is a good option for you. The city is full of historical treasures, museums, and cathedrals. It is the largest city in North Rhine Westphalia region and the fourth city in Germany. Every tourist feel at home in Cologne because life in this town is simple and yet dynamic. The city has seven bridges on the Rhine and ten motorways.

A bit of history


We find the city roots long time ago, when it was occupied by the Romans. The old city of Cologne is actually the oldest in Germany. The place used to be a Celtic establishment called „Oppidum Ubiorum”. It was then found and conquered by the Romans, who actually planned to occupy Greater Germania. The plans were abandoned and the Rhine became the boundary of the Roman Empire.

Agrippina was the wife of Emperor Claudius. When the city became a colony, it was named after her „Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis” or CCAA. It soon became the capital of Germania Inferior. The colony was extended a couple of times, during the ages. The town had its own constitution in the 14th century. Soon after that, it was elevated to the rank of free imperial town. Cologne remained neutral during the Thirty Years’ War and this neutrality spared the city from the war damage.

The sparks (or the „Funken” in German) were members of an assembled troop in Cologne formed by 400 men. Today, during the carnival in Cologne, you will find the blue and the red sparks who symbolize the original sparks. In 1800, the city was occupied by French and was also influenced by the British domination. During World War II, the old city of Cologne was almost entirely destroyed. The old buildings, including the opera, have been rebuilt.

A cultural city


You should know that Cologne has a lot of cultural activities to offer. Whether you wish to listen to classical music, watch a theatre play or laugh at a good comedy, the city is full of offers for everybody. Ludwig museum, devoted to modern art of the 20th century, is one of the cultural attractions. You can find the traditional German picture galleries, with portraits from the 18th and the 1th century at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne. Römisch-Germanisches Museum shows the history of Romans along the Rhine. Located in a ruin of a church, the art museum in Cologne, Kolumba Diocesan museum has one of the oldest collections of religious art.

You can also visit some other museums, such as the museum of applied art, the sports museum or the museum of chocolate.

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