The old city of Lubeck

Why travel far away during holidays? You must take into consideration visiting the old city of Lübeck. The German city is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the country and is the second largest city in northern Germany. It is located in the Schleswig-Holstein region, the northernmost of the sixteen German states. Situated on the river Trave, this is the largest German port on the Baltic Sea. If you take a trip to the unique city of Lübeck, you can discover all the beauties it has to offer and stroll in the Old Town through the quaint crooked allies. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an open-air museum, with its gothic churches, its Holstentor or its beautiful Buddenbrook House. The city also has plenty of museums, shops, theatres and cafes.

A city with a medieval look (by Hellebardius)

Much of the old town of Lübeck kept its charming medieval look. The buildings and narrow streets still maintain their old gothic look. A few centuries ago, the fortified town was surrounded by four gates and could only be entered by passing one of the gates. Two of the four gates have been preserved until today: the Holstentor and the Burgtor. The town centre is dominated by seven church steeples. The oldest steeples, from the 13th and 14th century are the city’s cathedral (the Lübecker Dom) and St Mary’s church (Marienkirche).

Sights in the old town


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The Lübecker Rathaus is the city town hall and is one of the greatest city halls in Germany. Its construction began shortly after the imperial city gained its freedom. The construction of the city hall started in 1226 and finished in 1308. Two gothic towers were added in 1435, while the Renaissance arcade was added 150 years later.

Another church in the old town of Lübeck is St Catherine Church. This church belonged to an old monastery and is now a famous Latin School, called Katharineum. Other Gothic churches in Lübeck are St Peter’s church (Peterikirche), St. Lawrence’s church (built on the site of an old cemetery of people died during the 16th century plague), St. Jacob’s church (Lübecker Jakobikirche) or St Aegidien’s church (Aegidienkirche).

Like many other German cities, Lübeck has a strong and well-preserved Christmas spirit around holidays. There is a traditional market each year in December, including famous handcrafts and sweets. The traditional market is usually placed inside the Hospital of Holly Spirit (Heiligen-Geist-Hospital).


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