The romantic city of Heidelberg


Heidelberg is a beautiful German city in the state of Baden-Württemberg (one of the 16 federal states, also known as the home of Black Forrest). One of the most popular German travel destinations, Heidelberg is a true jewel and is considered to be a very romantic city by both locals and visitors. The romantic city of Heidelberg is not just a beautiful and artistic city, but it is also home to large academic institutions with a rich history in Germany (in the same way as Cambridge is to the United Kingdom).

About Heidelberg


The location of the city is extremely beautiful. It is placed in the Valley of Neckar River, where Forest of Odes (Odenwald) opens towards the plains of the Rhine Valley. Unlike most of the cities in the region, the city was almost completely spared by allied bombing and therefore Heidelberg retained its baroque houses, castles and narrow streets. After the war, the Armed Forces of the United States built large barracks in the south of the city and as a result, Heidelberg has nearly 30,000 American citizens. Together with the 28,000 students, this makes Heidelberg an international and multi-cultural destination, despite its small size.

A romantic city


Heidelberg used to be called in secret “the intellectual capital of Germany”, because over the years, the romantic city of Heidelberg has attracted numerous artists and intellectuals. Many intellectual personalities, such as poets, scientist, philosophers, existentialists or political theorists lived in this city. Mark Twain described Heidelberg as a „deserted, discrowned and beaten by the storms city, but still royal and beautiful”.

Due to its romantic-style, the city is perfect for a short escape. A short visit should include the historical city centre (the old town or the Altstadt) and the main street crossing it, called theHaptstrasse. This is the longest pedestrian street with shopping stores in Germany. The castle with the gardens and the statue of Goethe should not be missed. One of the most romantic places in Heidelberg is probably the Philosophenweg. This can be found in the north of the city and provides an amazing view across the old city. For nature passionate, the Heidelberg Mountain is a beautiful quiet place, offering an exceptional view over the oldest parts of the city. It is definitely the most romantic destination in Germany and could become an excellent short trip for a couple of days.

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