Things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Römerberg oldandsolo/Flickr

Frankfurt, Römerberg ©oldandsolo/Flickr

One of the most popular and best-known German cities, Frankfurt is a premier tourist destination. The city is situated in the state of Hesse, in the western part of the country. It is one the largest financial centre of Europe and it is an important destination for foreign visitors. Frankfurt is home to numerous excellent tourist attractions, including museums, architectural landmarks, theatres, churches, parks and open spaces, entertainment venues and others.

In some of the previous articles I have given you some useful information relating to the city’s highlights. Frankfurt also has some great activities on offer. If you are interested in the best things you should do in Frankfurt, thinking about a journey to the city, I recommend you to read this guide before traveling.

Explore the Römerberg

The beautiful Römerberg is the historic city centre. Römerberg literally means “Roman Mountain” and it is a famous sight of the city for tourists. The city centre is home to dozens of beautiful half-timbered houses and the fantastic City Hall. The historic square used to be the place where the first trade fairs were held.

Frankfurt, Römerberg oldandsolo/Flickr

Frankfurt, Römerberg ©oldandsolo/Flickr

Have a view over the city from the Main Tower

There is no better place to have an excellent view over Frankfurt than the top of the ”Main Tower”. It is the only high-rise of the city which is open to the public. Visitors have to take the elevator up to high platform to enjoy breathtaking views over the city. There is even a restaurant on top of the “Main Tower” where you can have a meal after the gorgeous view.

Visit the museums along the River Main

In case you are interested in museums, I suggest you to make a walk along the River Main and visit the most famous museums of Frankfurt. The river runs through the city center, being lined on both sides by the most famous museums of the city and even of the entire country. Some of theses museums are the following: Städel Museum, the German Film Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Historical Museum and so on. This area is called the Museumsufer.

Frankfurt museums shaferlens/Flickr

Frankfurt museums ©shaferlens/Flickr

Go shopping on the Street Zeil

The most famous place to go shopping in Frankfurt is the vibrant street named Street Zeil. It is also known as “The Fifth Avenue of Germany”. This fantastic shopping street offers everything visitors can dream of. From chic boutiques to huge shopping malls, the street has it all. Get prepared for large crowds.

Zeil, Frankfurt hanspoldoja/Flickr

Zeil, Frankfurt ©hanspoldoja/Flickr

Relax in the Palmengarten

The beautiful botanical garden of Frankfurt, the Palmergarten was founded in 1868. If you visit the botanical garden, be prepared for a great horticultural journey. The Palmengarten is home to over 6.000 different species of plants brought from all around the world. From plants the African savanna to exotic flowers of rainforests and magnificent European flower gardens, the botanical garden includes a large variety of plants.

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