Things visitors must know about Berlin

The Reichstag Building az1172/Flickr

The Reichstag Building ©az1172/Flickr

The German capital city, Berlin is an internationally significant and popular destination. The immense city is also a top tourist destination of Germany and even of the entire continent. The city houses innumerable landmarks and visitor attractions, ranging from museums to churches, from galleries to monuments and famous landmarks.

If you are planning a visit to the German capital city, I have good news for you: you’ve found the right article. Below I will present you some things visitors must know about Berlin, including its major landmarks, the local transportation, its shopping areas, good restaurants and hotels. I hope that the following information will come in handy in this wonderful city.

The major landmarks

Berlin is a fantastic tourist spot. The immense city is home to world famous landmarks and visitor attractions, including museums, open spaces, theatres, galleries, churches, monuments, notable buildings and so on. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, the Museum Island with its five astonishing museums, the wonderful Berliner Dom, the Marienkirche, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Reichstag Building are just some of the best-known landmarks of the city.

The Reichstag Building az1172/Flickr

The Reichstag Building ©az1172/Flickr

Local transportation

As Berlin is an immense city, it is good to know which the most popular means of transportation are. You can opt for underground, bus, tram or train services. The metro is named U-Bahn, while the local trains are S-Bahn. As for the tickets, the city uses a zone system, including zones A, B and C which can be mixed, thus several options are available.

A very popular ticket for visitors is the Berlin WelcomeCard which includes 8 versions. Thus, you can choose of several options. Whatever you’d choose, you will be amazed by the level of quality and development of the means of transportation.

Berlin bus sludgegulper/Flickr

Berlin bus ©sludgegulper/Flickr

The best shopping areas

If you would like to go shopping, I suggest you to head towards the Ku’Damm and Tauentzienstraße (its extension). These are the main shopping streets of the city. The famous KaDeWe is a very popular shopping mall of Berlin. Friedrichstraße is another popular shopping spot, being the upmarket shopping street of the city. If you love flea markets, I have good news for you: there are some excellent such markets here.

Good restaurants

Some of the best restaurants are found in the heart of the city, in the student area named Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, in the district of Mitte and Schöneberg (well-known for its cafés). There are some excellent restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs in the city, suiting everyone’s preferences.  

The best hotels

Most of the hotels can be found in the City West. Berlin has almost all the major hotel chains. There are excellent 3-, 4- or 5-star hotels in the city. If you are looking for cheap accommodation or Jugendherbergen (youth hostels), you won’t be disappointed. Berlin has some excellent on offer.

Berlin hotel El Gran Dee/Flickr

Berlin hotel ©El Gran Dee/Flickr

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