Top 5 attractions in Hamburg

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The second largest German city, Hamburg is situated in the country’s northern part, on the Elbe River, being Europe’s third largest port. With its magnificent buildings and visitor attractions, Hamburg is a significant tourist destination.

Tourism plays an important role in Hamburg’s economy. The number of the employees who work in the tourism sector is over 175.000 people. In 2007 for example the fantastic city attracted almost 4 million tourists which is not a surprising fact if we think of the deluge of the gorgeous visitor attractions. Do you find this description convincing? Will you visit Hamburg on your next holiday? If you do, read the following article before traveling. I will present you the top 5 attractions of Hamburg which are absolutely worth visiting.

The Town Hall

Situated in the city centre, the beautiful Town Hall of Hamburg is one of the best-known landmarks of the city. The building was constructed between 1886 and 1897. Today, it still houses the Mayor’s office and Hamburg parliament’s meeting rooms. The exterior of the building is characterized by the features of Neo-classicism while the interior wears the characteristics of historicism. It is good news for tourists that the lobby is open for visitors. It also hosts several concerts and exhibitions.

Hamburg Town Hall ©

St Nicholas’s Church

One of the most spectacular churches in Hamburg is St Nicholas’s Church. The ruined church is an important landmark and historic monument of the city. Hamburg’s second tallest building wears the characteristics of Gothic Revival style. The beautiful religious building is a major visitor attraction of Hamburg.

St Michaelis Church

The best-known church of Hamburg is St Michaelis Church which is also named Michel. Dedicated to Michael archangel, the beautiful church is a major attraction of the city. There is even a huge bronze statue of Michael above the main portal of the church. One of the most significant landmarks of Hamburg, the 132 m tall St Michaelis Church wears the characteristics of Baroque style.

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Kunsthalle Hamburg

As for the museums of Hamburg, the Kunsthalle is an important art museum of the city. Situated in the city centre, the museum consists of three interconnected buildings. It houses gorgeous collections of paintings which date from the 19th century. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 until 18:00, on Thursdays from 10:00 until 21:00. It is closed on Mondays. (December 2012)

Port of Hamburg

The important port attracts dozens of visitors. Germany’s largest port’s highlight for tourists is the Landungsbrücken also named St. Pauli Landing Stages. It is a significant tourist attraction of the city.

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