Top 5 cultural city breaks in Germany

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr

Which country could be a more adequate destination when it comes to city breaks than the world renowned Germany? Germany is home to some of Europe’s and even the entire world’s largest commercial and cultural centers. There are numerous immense cities in Germany which are abundant in cultural landmarks and visitor attractions. From architectural jewels to museums, from theatres to churches and cathedrals, these cities include some of the most famous landmarks of Germany. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne are just five of the most attractive cities in Germany. These destinations make undoubtedly the top 5 cultural city breaks in Germany.


The German capital city, Berlin is the most famous tourist destination of the country. The city is famous for its art, architecture and nightlife. If you are interested to visit some of the most famous landmarks of Germany, visit this city! The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, the Memorial Church of Berlin, the Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz and the Museum Island are just some of the most famous sights of Berlin.

Berlin cityscape zoetnet/Flickr

Berlin cityscape ©zoetnet/Flickr


The capital city of Bavaria, Munich is a fantastic tourist destination. The city is abundant in fantastic parks, first class museums and architectural jewels. Frauenkirche, the famous Marienplatz with its stunning buildings such as the New Town Hall, the Residence Palace of Munich, the Deutches Museum and the Dachau Concentration Camp are just a few of the major highlights of the city.

Munich cityscape Giorgio Tomassetti/Flickr

Munich cityscape ©Giorgio Tomassetti/Flickr


Hamburg is also a famous tourist destination of Germany. The city is the second largest in Germany. Presenting one of the world’s largest harbors, Hamburg is a main destination when it comes to city breaks. St. Michaelis Church, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg Harbor, the Reeperbahn and the Historic Warehouse District are some of Hamburg’s most fascinating sights.


Frankfurt is another excellent city to explore. Famous for being the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Frankfurt is very attractive for tourists. Its half-timbered houses and buildings make it incomparable. Among the main landmarks of the city are: Goethe House, the Main Tower, St. Paul’s Church, the Römerberg, the Museumsufer and the Zeil Street.


Last, but not least attractive is the magnificent city of Cologne. The main landmark of Cologne is its breathtaking cathedral. It is one of the most prominent cathedrals in Germany, being one of the main tourist attractions of the country. The Great St. Martin Church, the Hohenzollern Bridge, the City Hall and the Twelve Romanesque Churches are further attractions of the city.

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr






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