Top 5 palaces in Germany

Schloss Charlottenburg, photo by Zemzina/Flickr

Germany is an outstanding and very popular tourist destination. There are numerous natural and cultural attractions in this spectacular country, not to mention the famous cities. In the following article there will be presented the most spectacular palaces of the country. These are also major tourist attractions and fantastic architectural jewels of the country. Perhaps the most beautiful and most visited palace is Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin. Other breathtaking palaces are: Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam, Schloss Nordkirchen in Kreis Coesfeld, Schloss Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Würzburger Residenz in Würzburg.

Schloss Charlottenburg

The spectacular palace of Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg is one of the most important landmarks of the capital city and also a major tourist attraction. It can be found in the district with the same name. The building dates back in the 17th century. Later, during the 18th century, it was expanded. The interior of the palace is as astonishing as its exterior, being characterized by rococo and baroque features. In the background of the building there is a fantastic garden which includes such great attractions, like a mausoleum, a belvedere, a pavilion and even a theatre.

Schloss Charlottenburg, photo by Zemzina/Flickr

Schloss Sanssouci

Situated in Potsdam, the magnificent palace of Sanssouci is a fantastic architectural jewel of the country. It used to serve as the summer palace of the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great. The palace was built and decorated using the features of the Rococo style. The single-storey building was constructed in the 18th century. The park of the palace is also very attractive, housing some spectacular follies and temples. Since 1990 the Sanssouci Palace with its gardens had been inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Schloss Sanssouci, photo by martin2606/Flickr

Schloss Nordkirchen

Nicknamed “the Versaille of Westphalia”, the beautiful palace was built between 1703 and 1734. There is also a fantastic chapel near the palace which can be hired for weddings. The palace has a picturesque setting, on an island which is surrounded by a canal. The garden of the palace is also amazing, with marble statues and beautiful shrubs and plants. Some parts of the building can be visited, just like the garden. It is undoubtedly an outstanding architectural jewel.

Schloss Ludwigslust

Situated in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the beautiful building of Schloss Ludwigslust is a popular tourist attraction in Northern Germany. It used to serve as a hunting lodge, later it was rebuilt as a luxurious residence. The building is characterized by existence of the late Baroque features. The interior part of it is dominated by Neoclassical style. The park which surrounds the palace is simply astonishing, with numerous fountains, formal canals and a spectacular artificial cascade.

Würzburger Residence

The astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Würzburger Residence is of an outstanding beauty. Completed in 1744, the Baroque palace is today a popular tourist attraction of Würzburg. The building is home to some magnificent attractions, such as beautiful frescoes, the famous grand salon, a chapel and the huge staircase. Another attraction of the palace is its beautiful garden which was also designed in Baroque style. It includes magnificent statues, scenic paths and even an artificial pond.

Würzburger Residence, photo by kathrin_rieger/Flickr


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