Top 5 Restaurants in Germany

Germany is very famous for the rich and tasty traditional dishes. The German culinary delights are rich and varied as the history and culture of the country.

The German cuisine can be split into two categories: the Cuisine Bourgeois (mainly based on pork or veal regional dishes) and the Fine Dining restaurants that are considered to be the best in the world. The German wines, which are usually served in German restaurants, have a strong fruit bouquet.

The top 5 Restaurants in Germany presented below have been selected from a variety of prestigious restaurants in Germany, so if you need some inspiration on where to dine out, have a look at the restaurants below. You can chose the restaurant that best suites your budget and taste among the top 5 restaurants in Germany.


This restaurant is located in the north-western part of Tiergarten (Berlin) and it earned its name from the fact that it is situated next to the railway line connecting Paris to Moscow. You can enjoy here an excellent lamb with pepper-bean ragout, pea purée with rotbarbe, Riesling chicken with risotto.

Cuisine: European, French, German

Average Main Course Price: 21 €


This restaurant is also situated in Berlin. The interior is impressive as it is decorated with black marble, gold-leaf ceilings can be seen on top and it has well-appointed and very elegant tables. The ambiance is warm and the cuisine merges its classic and creativity. They serve venison with pigeon or foie gras and ravioli von Kurbis. Reservations are mandatory.

Cuisine: European, French, German

Average Main Course Price: 40 €

Günnewig Rheinturm Restaurant Top 180

This is the most spectacular restaurant in Düsseldorf. It is situated at 172 metres, on top of a tower above the city that rotates very slowly around its axis. The panoramic view over Düsseldorf is absolutely stunning. The style is elegant but modern and the soothing musing completes the pleasing atmosphere and creates a unique experience. The menu contains fried perch fillet with red onions, lemongrass skewer with peppers, Mediterranean fish with salad and wild orange-chilli vinaigrette, and many other international dishes.

Cuisine: International, German

Average Main Course Price: 33 €

Alt Helgoländer Fischerstube

This restaurant in St Paul’s District of Hamburg is opened since 1982 and offers the best traditional fish dishes. The atmosphere is full of hospitality. It has a great terrace and is the best place in Hamburg to come for dinner, when you can have a Hamburger Pannfisch or other dishes with Asian influence. The day menu changes weekly and the specials are freshly caught.


Marktwirt is a typical Bavarian restaurant situated in the center of Munich. Here you can sit at wooden tables, on wooden benches and enjoy huge steins of beer. The restaurant is divided in several rooms, each having its own unique atmosphere. The menu is a combination of old and new Bavarian and Austrian meals and is completed by the Bavarian Augustiner beer.

Cuisine: Regional

Average Main Course Price: 27 €

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