Top 5 shopping spots in Hamburg

Rathausmarkt Hamburg mueritz/Flickr

Rathausmarkt Hamburg ©mueritz/Flickr

The second largest city of Germany, Hamburg is an astonishing tourist destination. It is home to numerous fascinating visitor attractions, ranging from museums to architectural jewels, from art galleries to parks, from churches to nightlife scenes and let’s not forget about its fantastic zoo. Besides, Hamburg also boasts in several shopping spots where tourists can find whatever they would like. In some of the previous guides you could read about Hamburg’s visitor attractions. Below I will present you the top 5 shopping spots of Hamburg. These spots are the following: Europapassagen, Spitalerstrasse, Rathausmarkt,Jungfernstieg and Neuer Wall.


Te largest shopping mall of the city, Europapassagen is an excellent place to go shopping, eat delicious food and have a pleasant afternoon. It lies on five huge floors and a surface of about 30.000 m². Besides, this mall connects the important shopping street named Mönckebergstrasse with Jungfernstieg, another fantastic shopping mall of Hamburg. It is with no doubt one of the top 5 shopping spots of the fantastic city.


The Spitalerstrasse is another important shopping street of Hamburg. There are innumerable various shops and stores along the street. The high-profile stores attract numerous visitors. Besides, the street is characterized by the wonderful Hanseatic buildings which give it a historic look, especially during the regular yearly Christmas Markets.

Spitalerstrasse Hamburg Metro Centric/Flickr

Spitalerstrasse Hamburg ©Metro Centric/Flickr


In case you are looking for a special souvenir for your beloved ones, check out the Rathausmarkt! Besides the fact that you can find excellent things here, the spot always helds several events like the Stuttgarter Weindorf or Christmas Markets. The Stuttgarter Weindorf is a culinary event taking place during the summer season. If you love German cuisine, you shouldn’t miss it.

Rathausmarkt Hamburg mueritz/Flickr

Rathausmarkt Hamburg ©mueritz/Flickr


The fantastic luxury shopping mall of Hamburg – Jungfernstieg is another great place to go shopping. There are numerous boutiques, accessory stores, shoe boutiques, leather boutiques and jewelries. This shopping mall is extremely popular among both local people and visitors. It is not surprising that Jungfernsteig is considered one of the best shopping spots of Hamburg.

Jungfernstieg Hamburg Moe_/Flickr

Jungfernstieg Hamburg ©Moe_/Flickr

Neue Wall

The Neue Wall characterized by luxury and sophisticated style. If you are looking for exclusive accessories, this is the place to go. There are fantastic stores here presenting luxury fashion items and designers’ furnishing. Visitors can find here the most expensive stores of the city. Completely refurbished recently, this spot is a number one of Hamburg, especially for the elite visitors. Therefore, this luxury shopping spot deserves to be mentioned in this guide, presenting the top 5 shopping spots in Hamburg.



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