Top 5 sights in Mannheim

Mannheim Palace sporst/Flickr

Mannheim Palace ©sporst/Flickr

Situated in southwestern Germany, Mannheim is a beautiful city. There are several buildings and parks in the city which are absolutely worth visiting, including the City Hall, Mannheim University, the beautiful city centre, a wildlife park and so on. Will you visit Mannheim on your next holiday? The following guide will surely help you finding the best landmarks of the city. Below I will present you the top 5 sights in Mannheim which are the following: Mannheim Palace, the Jesuit Church, Luisenpark, Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque and the Fernmeldeturm Mannheim. If you would like to find out more about these attractions, read on.

Mannheim Palace

The wonderful huge Baroque Mannheim Palace is one of the most significant landmarks of Mannheim. It used to serve as the residence of the Electorate of the Palatinate. The palace was severely damaged during the World War II and was reconstructed later. Today it is used by the University of Mannheim. There is a Palace museum in the building which was opened in 2007. This is part of the Mittelbau, the central part of the palace. Besides the museum, it is home to representative and wonderful halls.

Mannheim Palace sporst/Flickr

Mannheim Palace ©sporst/Flickr

The Jesuit Church

One of the religious buildings of Mannheim, the Jesuit Church was constructed between 1733 in 1756. It is a beautiful church with its twin towers of red sandstone and 75 m-high dome. The building wears the characteristics of Baroque style. One of the highlights of the church is the sculpture of “Crowned Silver Madonna”. The beautiful Jesuit Church is a major landmark and visitor attraction of Mannheim.

Mannheim former City Hall Frank-m/ookaboo

Mannheim former City Hall ©Frank-m/ookaboo


One of the green spaces of the city, the breathtaking Luisenpark is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful parks. The park covers an area of about 41 hectares. Some of its highlights are a few facilities, numerous “gondoletta” boats on the lake and a beautiful greenhouse. Visiting the park is with no doubt a great day out for the whole family, including the smaller ones. Other attractions of Luisenpark are the following: a Chinese garden with a tea house and an open-air stage.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque

The biggest mosque of the country can be found in Mannheim. It is the Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque. The mosque is visited by about 3.000 of Muslims every weekend. The Modern style building can be attractive for anyone.

Fernmeldeturm Mannheim

Another landmark of Mannheim is the huge Fernmeldeturm. The almost 213 m high tower is a telecommunication tower which also presents an observation deck. Constructed between 1973 and 1975, the tower also includes a revolving restaurant. It is extremely attractive for visitors of Mannheim.

View over Mannheim Dolo280/ookaboo

View over Mannheim ©Dolo280/ookaboo




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