Top architectural jewels of Carolingian style

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The German Carolingian style is actually the style of the Pre-Romanesque architecture which characterizes North Europe. This style dominated the 8th and 9th centuries. There are numerous buildings in Germany which wear the characteristics of this architectural style. If you are interested in architecture, I suggest you to make a trip to Germany and visit as many buildings as you can. In order to help you find the best ones, I will present you the top architectural jewels of Carolingian style. Some of the most astonishing buildings of this style are the following: the Palatine Chapel in Aachen, the Abbey of Corvey, the Abbey of Lorsch, the Saint Justinus’ church and so on.

The Palatine Chapel in Aachen

This well-preserved medieval chapel in Aachen is considered the most important example of Carolingian style. It is also considered one of the most significant landmarks of the city. Together with the Aachen Cathedral, the chapel was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The construction of the chapel began in 792, together with the palace which no longer exists today. Later, in 805, the chapel was consecrated. It is a very popular tourist attraction today.

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The Abbey of Corvey

Situated about 2 km of Höxter, the Abbey of Corvey was a Benedictine monastery. The construction of the abbey began in 815 and was rebuilt in 822. It is considered one of the most significant Carolingian monastic sanctuaries in Germany. Today, the abbey is an important visitor attraction of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Abbey of Lorsch

This abbey is another fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated in Lorsch, it is considered one of the most significant jewels of Carolingian style. Founded in 764, Lorsch Abbey became a popular place of pilgrimage. The Königshalle, its ancient entrance hall is considered the oldest and one of the most spectacular monuments of Carolingian style.

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The Saint Justinus’ church

The church of Saint Justinus can be found in Frankfurt-Höchst. It is considered one of the oldest churches of Germany and the oldest building in Frankfurt. The construction of the religious building began around 830. It is well-known for being one of the best-preserved medieval churches in Germany. The highlights of the church are: the central nave, the sanctuaries, the aisles, the flat ceiling, and the Corinthian capitals at the top of the columns. The church is considered a major landmark and visitor attraction of the city.

Saint Justinus’ church ©


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