Top castles in Germany

Germany has a long struggled history that can be traced through its rich away of castles, palaces and fortresses. They are beautiful and scattered throughout the countryside. Today the castles play host to a large series of festivals and events. Let’s get together through the list of top castles in Germany.

The Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castlle


This castle was built in Bavaria between 1868 and 1886 by King Ludwig II and is one of the top castles in Germany. This is also one of the most visited castles in Germany. The castle is ideal for children as it looks like a fairy-tale palace sitting high on the mountain range, near the town of Füssen. Neuschwanstein was built in a time when castles no longer had defensive purposes and that is why it has the fairy appearance. The castle was the summer residence of the royal family and friends, including Richard Wagner. His piano can still be admired in one of the rooms. Works of restoration one its façade started recently, but the plan is to finish them by the end of 2012.

The Albrechtsburg castle


Albrechtsburg castle was built in 1525 near Dresden and was the first residence built for the Wettin royal family. This is the first castle complex in Germany that gave up its fortifying character in order to become a representative place of residence. Today the castle can be admired and visitors can view the centuries-old pottery, the famous Meissen porcelain and some very old sculptures together with many other art exhibits.

The imperial castle of Nuremburg

This magnificent castle of Nuremburg is the landmark of the medieval city. This is definitely one of the most important Middle Ages palaces. The emperors of the Holy Roman Empire used to stay here between 1050 and 1571 during their reign. The city is very fortified. It has many underground tunnels and is surrounded by a 5km wall with 80 watchtowers. Besides the fortress and the castles, the city has many churches from the Middle Ages too and its impressive medieval architecture worth a visit.

The romantic Heidelberg castle


Located in the romantic town of Heidelberg near the Neckar Rive, in Baden-Württemberg, this is one of Europe’s finest castles. With a history of over 600 years, the castle has both Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. The castle hosts classy events today and even holds an open-air festival once a year.

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