Top New Years Eve parties in Germany


New Year’s Eve is celebrated with enthusiasm and zest by German people. They are in a full mood to enjoy and they like to party hard. The last day of the year is the time to look back at the past year and forward to the new one but is also a great occasion for public or private parties in Germany. You are about to discover how Germans celebrate the New Year’s Eve and which are the top New Years Eve parties in Germany.

How German people celebrate New Year’s Eve?


Many of them spend the afternoon quietly or preparing for the celebrations. The religious people mark the end of the year and the begging of the new one by attending a church service which culminates at midnight. In most of the cities, there are public celebrations in the town centre with concerts and fireworks that last through the night. People drink and toast with champagne or sparkling wine. Fireworks, fire crackers, champagne and the four leaf clover are the symbols of New Year’s Eve. Others invite friends and hold private parties at home.  The 31st of December is not a bank holiday. However, the business activity, the public transportation or the post office service seem to be reduced on this day. Sometimes, people take part to a fortune telling called Bleigiessen. Small quantities of lead are melted on a silver spoon above the candle and the molten lead is tipped into cold water. The shape of solidified lead is a symbol of the fortunes for the coming year.

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Germany?


If you’re looking for the biggest open-air party in the world, go to Berlin. There are over one million people attending the open-air party in this city at the Brandenburg Gate, which makes it one of the top New Years Eve parties in Germany. The Berlin party tops the New Year celebrations of New York and London. The admission is free and the party of Sylvester (New Year’s Eve) lasts until the next morning. The highlight of the party is the spectacular fireworks displayed at midnight. If the open-air party does not sound attractive to you, you might try one of Berlin’s Restaurants and still have a good time. However, the New Year’s Eve can be celebrated in any German metropolis and you can have a lot of fun wherever you are, so get ready to party and wish your friends a Happy New Year in German: “Guten Rutsch”.

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