Top sights in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden street Metro Centric/Flickr

Wiesbaden street ©Metro Centric/Flickr

A truly wonderful city in the southwestern part of Germany is the astonishing Wiesbaden. The capital of the state of Hesse is one of the continent’s oldest spa towns and it is very attractive for tourists. Its name also suggests this fact, meaning the “meadow baths”. Fourteen of the twenty six springs are still flowing today. Wiesbaden has been an important spa destination for a long time. Today it still attracts dozens of visitors with its stunning visitor attractions. In case you happen to visit Hesse on your next holiday, I suggest you not to miss this city. Are you interested in the top sights of Wiesbaden? Read the following guide to find out which are these.

The Schlossplatz (Palace Square)

Situated in the heart of the city, the fantastic Schlossplatz is an important square of Wiesbaden. It presents some of the most important architectural jewels of the city, including the former Ducal Palace, the New Town Hall, the Old Town Hall and the beautiful, immense Marktkirche. All of these landmarks are worth visiting sights of Wiesbaden and you can visit them all if you get out on the famous Palace Square of the city.

Wiesbaden street Metro Centric/Flickr

Wiesbaden street ©Metro Centric/Flickr

Biebrich Palace

Another architectural jewel of Wiesbaden is the breathtaking Biebrich Palace. The palace is a beautiful Baroque residence which was built in 1702. The building consists of a large rotunda and several galleries which are used today for different meetings and events. The gardens which surround the palace are also breathtaking. They represent both a public park and a landscape garden.

The Kurhaus

The wonderful building of the Kurhaus is actually a spa house which was inaugurated in 1907. It is considered to be the social center of the city and hosts several events each year, including concerts, balls, general meetings, conferences and so on. The park in front of the fantastic building is considered to be the most beautiful park of the city.

Wiesbaden Marktplatz lilli2de/Flickr

Wiesbaden ©Marktplatz lilli2de/Flickr

St. Bonifatius Church

Built between 1844 and 1849, the beautiful St. Bonifatius Church is one of the most popular sights of Wiesbaden. It is a Roman Catholic church which presents the features of Gothic Revival style. Situated on Luisenplatz, the 68 m tall twin steeples of the church dominate the skyline. If you are interested in religious building, I suggest you to visit this wonderful church, too.

Nerobergbahn and Neroberg Hill

In case you would like to have excellent views over the entire city, get on top of the Neroberg Hill by the popular Nerobergbahn. It is actually a funicular railway which connects the city with the hill. There are two cars and each can accommodate up to 50 passengers. The journey time is only 3 and half minutes. I think it is absolutely worth making the way up to the hill from where you will have stunning views over Wiesbaden.    

View over Wiesbaden from Neroberg Hill Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr

View over Wiesbaden from Neroberg Hill ©Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr

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