Top ski resorts in Germany

Oberstdorf CoreForce/Flickr

Oberstdorf ©CoreForce/Flickr

Germany is a dream destination for many tourists. It is a country abundant in natural attractions, cultural landmarks, immense cities and great festivals. The amazing European country attracts numerous tourists each and every year. Some come to visit the metropolitan areas, some are attracted by the natural wonders of Germany, while others are interested in attending festivals.

This way Germany is visited by tourists in all seasons. Winter makes no exception. There are several things to do during winter months. One such activity is to go skiing in the German mountains. The Bavarian Alps for instance make an excellent destination for the lovers of this winter sport. Are you interested in the top ski resorts of Germany? Read my guide to find out which are these.


The most popular and best ski resort of Germany is Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Located in the Bavarian Alps, the ski resort is very attractive for skiers. It can be found at the foothills of the highest peak of Germany, the Zugspitze. It is also an important health resort of the country. The resort offers excellent skiing conditions, not to mention the culinary and cultural delights offered.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen anja_johnson/Flickr

Garmisch-Partenkirchen ©anja_johnson/Flickr


As the second most popular ski resort of Germany, Oberstdorf is situated between Munich, Stuttgart and Lake Constance. It is a rival of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Ski conditions are almost equally with the ones at Garmisch. The skiing opportunities at Oberstdorf are the most extensive anywhere in the country. If you plan to visit Munich or Stuttgart, visit Oberstdorf, too and have fun!

Oberstdorf CoreForce/Flickr

Oberstdorf ©CoreForce/Flickr


Located about 2 and a half hours north of Frankfurt, Willingen-Upland is another excellent ski resort of Germany. The 13 individual pistes are served by 13 ski lifts which can facilitate about 12,000 of skiers or snowboarders per hour. The natural snow is supplemented by 6 snow cannons. The ski pistes at Willingen-Upland are recommended for beginners or intermediate skier.

Willingen-Upland Doggettx/Flickr

Willingen-Upland ©Doggettx/Flickr

Mehliskopf (Baden-Baden)

Renowned for being an important spa resort of Germany, Baden-Baden is also famous for the nearby ski resort named Mehliskopf. It sits literally on Baden Baden’s doorstep. It is a real paradise for cross-country skiers. Mehliskopf includes more than 600 miles of ski routes. The pistes are perfect for skiing. Snow-making machines enhance the pistes as well.


You might think that Berlin’s surrounding area is too flat for skiing. Schöneswochenende offers for instance a nice network of cross-country skiing opportunities. The next village along the route is Braunlage. It offers some decent downhill skiing opportunities.





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