Top Sports Activities in Germany

Everybody is aware that Germany is one the richest countries in Europe therefore the Germans have the luck and luxury to take care not only of their mind and education, but also of their physical and mental being. And what is the best way of doing that? By keeping themselves physically active, playing with the children in the garden, walking in a park and dedicating their spare time to different types of sports.  Among the top sports activities in Germany you will find: volleyball, skiing, basketball, tennis, ice hockey and of course football. You as a tourist can also take advantage of this rich sports culture and try new sports or practice the ones you like while in Germany.

1.     Tennis

Well known for being a proud people, Germans are mostly interested in areas where they know they are really good at. Tennis is an obvious example.  This amazing country can brag with having won important international competition which has led to the increasing number of tennis clubs and tennis popularity. Boris Becker is a representative figure of this sport, having brought the Wimbledon medal to Germany at a really young age. Even more he won the Davis cup twice during his career. Another important personality of tennis world is Steffi Graf, known for having started her amazing sportive life at a very young age. She is the winner of the Grand Slam and at only 18 years old she was awarded as best female tennis player in the world. How cool is that?

2.     Skiing

Germans invest a great part of their money in practicing skiing. Having been blessed with a diversified nature, mountains being a part of it, Germans have a lot of options when it comes to go skiing. The highest skiing piste can be found at Garmish- Partenkirchen whereas the ski resort with the biggest ski area is at Lenggries/ Brauneck.  The resorts can be quite crowded, especially in wintertime, but if you choose February of even March, not only the prices are lower but the resorts are more peaceful and aired.

3.     Volleyball

It is well known that Germany won the 1st place in the European league in 2009 and has classified itself among the first five teams in Europe since 2004. Germans have a great appetite for playing volleyball, especially in parks or in the back yard. Volleyball is the favorite German sport when people go to the pool or picnic. And if you come to think twice you only need a ball and lot of fun.

4.     Football

It won’t strike as a surprise when I tell you that association football is the most famous sport in this wonderful country (6.6 million members).  Germany is popular for having one of the best national football teams in the world. It won three World cups and European championship and hosted many World Cups. The locals are crazy about this sport and are great supporters of their favorite teams. If your holiday to Germany coincides with an important football match don’t you dare use but superlatives about their team.

Top Sport Activities in Germany is only but a fade picture of a strong and popular cultural aspect of this country. Once arrived in Germany you will better understand the importance of sport in the locals’ day to day life.

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